How to change graphics profile on MacBook Pro (M1 Pro)

Hey guys,
got a MacBook Pro with a M1 Pro (10c/16c) - Zwift is running smooth on 1440p, but there are no shadows. Seems like I will have to up the graphics profile to high or ultra.
Cannot find a settings in zwiftprefs. Is it possible that I am just plain wrong, and there are still just no shadows on the M1? I found an old thread, talking about similar things.

The ultra graphics profile is controlled by Zwift HQ, you can’t choose it or hack it. I believe the M1 is still getting the basic profile.

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Well I can choose the profile on Windows with zwiftprefs, so I thought that I would be able to choose on Mac aswell?

That’s not the same thing, you are choosing resolution, not the graphics profile.

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No I am not - on windows with Zwiftprefs I am choosing graphics profile.
I know that Zwift is naming resolutions, but I understand the difference perfectly well.

from Zwiftinsider article by @Dave_ZPCMR

The Basics

Graphics in Zwift are determined by just two variables; the profile and the game resolution. Beyond manually tweaking some aspects of the configuration files (there’s a brilliant guide here on Zwift Insider) only the resolution is determined by the user, via the in-game settings menu.

The PROFILE is the level of detail determining polygon count – foliage, depth of field, texture resolution, reflections, lighting and shadows, and environmental elements such as water effects and wildlife seen – and the profile is chosen automatically by the game. What you see is based on your computer’s graphical ability and cannot be changed. For computers using integrated graphics (without a dedicated/discrete graphics card), you will almost always see the Basic detail profile. This is the lowest tier of graphics in Zwift and is the same as phones, most tablets, and all Apple TV models.

Profile cannot be selected. M1 devices officially get High profile, but it’s been broken for ages and looks like Basic instead (no rider shadows).


oh, damn, sorry… i take it back… So on my gaming pc it chose the highest profile and I was able to switch resolutions via zwiftprefs. Now on the MacBook Pro, even though the SoC is powerful enough, I only get very basic details.
Man this is extremely disappointing… getting some good gfx on Zwift was one reason for getting the MacBook Pro over the MacBook Air… shiiiishhh


Any idea if this’ll ever be fixed?

Probably next year.