Will the new M1 Macs get the Ultra profile?

I just got an ASUS gaming laptop and I can use the Ultra profile which I love. I just got an opportunity to buy a new M1 MacBook Pro at a discount. I’m tempted to get it and return the ASUS but only if the M1s will be able to run the Ultra profile.

I am an Apple guy and that’s why it is tempt. Anyone know if Zwift will optimize for the new M1s so they can run Zwift in Ultra mode?

As of the update yesterday they get the High profile, so one tier lower than Ultra.

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Tariq at SmartBikeTrainers says he is getting 1440 at Ultra on his MacBook pro.

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He’s referring to the resolution. The profile (tier of detail) is a seperate thing, and it’s automatically determined by the game.

So what is the difference between the 2? Mac family as well in “need” of a new computer. Hubby wants another Mac but looks like I can definitely get the highest level available on Zwift with the gaming PC and about half the cost. Hate to spend the money on a Mac only to find it doesn’t run the way I want for Zwift. That is my main desire for the computer. We were looking at the newest 27 inch iMac. Can’t find much definitive information concerning it. Running on a 4K Apple TV right now which is fine but really would like the ultimate visual performance.

Detail/profile (determined by the game): what you see; lighting and environmental effects, foliage, wildlife, texture quality etc. Goes from Basic (Apple TV) up to Ultra (any decent dedicated graphics card). M1 devices are now on High, one step down from Ultra and same as a GTX 750 Ti.

Resolution (selected by the user): how sharp it is. Goes from 576p up to 2160p (4K). M1 users can select at least 1440p, not sure if they can choose 4K.

So the M1 does not get the maximum quality in Zwift. It may be possible to select the highest resolutions, but this isn’t the same thing. Hope this helps.



This is Zwift’s first cut at the M1. As more users turn up with Apple Silicon Macs further optimization will be possible? Correct?

The again rumored new Apple TV could show up with an M1 chip instead of an A series.

I’m not sure why it would be further optimised, that hasn’t happened with any other graphics card so far to my knowledge. Zwift HQ make a decision on the capabilities of the device and that’s that. They could optimise for it properly of course, by developing a dedicated app based on the M1 architecture. But that seems highly unlikely to me.

Zwift support is pretty “light”, at best. When I asked them a couple of similar questions, they reply with “an online search indicates…”. Now THAT surprised me.

I think it’s more likely Zwift will do the minimum and wait it for Apple to release a successor to the M1 in 2021 with 16 core and 32 core GPU units. And the next Apple TV will be more along the lines of the A14X bionic to keep costs down, and maybe run 1440 high profile at best. Effort is going into optimizing across all lower power platforms, like the change in how shadows work a few days ago. I think it’s clear they are meeting users where they are - on mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes and possibly smart TVs but not gaming PCs. It’s makes total sense if they are serious about an all in one bike with screen, which would probably also be ARM based.

I got the Ultra on my MacBook Air M1.

Resolution (selected by you on laptop) or Ultra as in the Zwift profile?

I believe my new A14 based iPad is getting the High profile. I’m seeing small flowers and much more detail with flying objects - leaves etc

High- yes…I heard the same. Ultra…no.

Ultra selected in Zwift settings window. 1440p

That’s resolution, not profile (detail). Different things.

So where do you select profile? I only see one selection of ultra vs. high.

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You can’t select profile. It is assigned by Zwift based on your graphics card. They set a profile detail for each graphics card and the user has no control over it.

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UPDATE- I did get a M1 Mac. It seems like it is running at HIGH profile that Zwift assigned the M1s. It is quite good and the battery lasts a while, unlike every other laptop I have tried. The detail is quite good and I also saw a bear fall off a tree on one course. That was kinda funny.

Hopefully the M1 will get a native version and the Ultra graphics will be available. I wonder if they have tested it out at Zwift HQ?!?

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