Has there been a Mac graphics update?

My family uses Zwift every day on a Mac Pro with a 46" 4k monitor. It was purchased for film editing about 5 years ago, so it has a big video card. Great to use it for Zwift.

The quality of the shadows, the poly fills - the roundness of the rendering is recently much better than before. Something changed. The camera angles are now like on a steadicam so its more interesting to watch the side views - and the low saddle cam is a much different angle.

Or are we going crazy?

Lots of changes behind the scenes on Apple devices recently and coming soon, they just don’t get explained on here.

Looks like Ultra profile, which you should have always been getting if you have a decent graphics card.


Not an apple user but I recently moved our old 43” 4k fire tv into the pain cave (longer story that upsets the Mrs. but I thought I broke it and replaced it was a 70”, then found out it worked still and now I zwift with the old 43”), anyway you can tell that a long of the stuff, Zwift included struggles on a screen that big. My old gaming PC even has a couple gen old Intel i9 and Nvdia RTX 2070 super setup, which should be way overkill for the actual requirements of the zwift graphics.

Not even close to fast enough for Neokyo in particular, assuming 60fps is the target. It’s ridiculous.

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No telling. I don’t think Zwift takes full advantage of Apple hardware anymore than they do of Windows hardware (i.e., cpu and gpu). That said, I think Apple users don’t care as much about all the eye candy. Otherwise, they’d be on a Windows rig.

M1 Macbooks have been around for over a year. Yet, there is still no native binary (due to 3rd party libraries ??), not to mention lack of graphics profile tuning for the m1, m1 pro, and m1 max (unless I missed some news). It’s kinda like the kickrv5 DIRCON, which is finally supported a bit over a year later while other platforms supported it at release or very soon thereafter.


My new m1 Pro arrives at end of month. So, I’ll wait until then to continue my related rants :joy: On the other hand, rumor has it that Zwift is finally switching from OpenGL to Metal API for Mac and AppleTV which should offer some improvements. It might already be in the code and waiting for them to toggle stuff on their side.

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I’ll send you a PM with some info.

I’m curious about the above but check this comment out: Does/will Swift take advantage of "Metal' in the new Mac OS X operating system - #2 by Jon

They’ve already done it for iOS and tvOS, with MacOS to follow soon. It wasn’t for performance reasons (nothing to suggest they give a single toss about that), but because OpenGL has been deprecated on Apple for several years already.

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This is from my wife’s ride. I wonder if the dip is when she was in Neokyo?

Core i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz - 64GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER

Graphics Performance
Profile Resolution P1 Avg Max Std Dev
ultra 2160 43 58 62 4

Would need to see the Zwiftalizer log but probably yeah. It’s ludicrously hard on the CPU, and is hard to maintain 60fps even on 12th gen which is far higher raw performance. P1 of 43 is terrible for such a high end CPU, but not unexpected. It’s been like that from launch.

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Looking like today’s release has for Mac has Ultra - not seen this before today

That’s resolution, not profile. What you’re seeing there matches High profile, not Ultra.

Sure, but I don’t recall Ultra even being available to me before.

What Mac are you using? M1 according to the other thread. In which case nothing has changed, they’ve had High profile (which allows up to 1440p resolution) for ages. Are rider shadows back yet?