IPad graphics performance

Ok - love of Zwift rekindled a bit by the new map, and loving the new surroundings. Is it my imagination or are the graphics higher quality on newer iOS devices? My iPhone 12 seems to deliver better visuals than my iPad Air from c.3 years ago. Is this my imagination, or do different iOS devices run Zwift at different graphics settings?

iPad is due for replacement and if (say) one of the new M1 iPads would run Zwift noticeably better quality than my iPad Air, I’d be very tempted…

Thank you in advance, Zwift tech gurus!

All Apple devices (excluding Macs) run bespoke profiles, so there are minor differences between them. Apple TV 4K looks better than the HD model, for example. However to date they’re all variants of Basic profile, the lowest tier of graphics available in the game. The M1 Mac devices did get High profile, but the last I heard it’s without the rider shadows High should have. Not sure if this has changed back.

PS: Zwift on the M1 iPad Pro doesn’t actually work at present, a number of threads appeared yesterday asking about it. I’m sure it’ll be fixed very soon.

Really helpful, thank you!