IPad Pro graphics

Any idea if the new iPad Pro models (the 2020 versions) get the ultra setting, or at least rider shadows? Would love to be able to get 90% of the graphics of a desktop machine with the “less faff” factor of an iPad…

Good question, I wouldn’t mind knowing the answer to that.

I’m guessing it will not get better graphics, Apple TV 4k doesnt.

I hope so too as waiting for my Pro 12.9" iPad to arrive.

If it doesn’t, Zwift are you planning on bringing Zwift upto date to make use of capabilities of the pro iPad?

Does Zwift respond to this group? This is my first post.
Kind regards

You won’t get desktop graphics with any mobile device (excluding gaming laptops). iPad Pro GPU is performance wise comparable to low end desktop Geforce GT 1030 or laptop MX150/AMD Vega 8+ integrated GPU. It is nowhere near desktop mid/high end.