Are Zwift graphics better on newer iPads?

I use Zwift on an iPad Air (Gen 2) from late 2014 which has an A8X processor. It works great, I never have any problems. I was considering buying the latest iPad (Gen 7) which has an A10 processor. Would I see any improvements in the graphics in Zwift, like better shadows and more detail?


If you want better graphics, buy a PC with a Nvidia GPU. GTX1660 SUPER should do the trick.

If you’re on a budget, search for used gaming machines that are 4-6 years old.
At least Intel i5-2xxx, better i5-4xxx with 8GB RAM, SSD and Nvidia GTX970

Then get yourself a 40"-50" TV and you’ll zwift like you’ve never zwifted before :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.

I like the convenience of the iPad. I take it with me into the garage where I have my trainer setup. I bought a cheap second hand 42" TV which I plug into the iPad using the lightning to HDMI cable. Everything works flawlessly. When i’m done I just unplug the iPad and walk back into the house. I don’t need a dedicated device just for running Zwift.

I’m not particularly fussed about the graphics, I just wondered if they would be better. Basically i’m looking for a reason to help me splurge on a new iPad.

Then you can always buy a gaming-Notebook.
They are more expansive, but as convinient as the iPad and much more powerful.