Tablet recommendations

Hi, I am planning to run Zwift on a tablet.
What tablet do you recommend to have a flawless experience?

It depends on what you mean by flawless. It would be hard to beat a current model iPad for running Zwift if you must have a tablet. It has a large user base and sometimes gets new Zwift features ahead of Android tablets. They are very fast and the iPad Pro screen is very bright. On the other hand they are quite costly, Zwift’s graphics quality on all tablets is poor compared to a modern Mac or a PC with a dedicated GPU, resolution and frame rates in the game are also limited on tablets. In Zwift, distance to riders behind you is not shown on the iPad. If the purpose of the device is primarily to run Zwift then I probably would not go for the tablet unless space is extremely limited. A Mac Mini and a monitor would be cheaper than many of the new iPads and would run Zwift with better frame rates, resolution, and graphics quality. Monitors that fit on a tablet stand are also not hard to find for reasonable prices. If space is not a concern then a tower PC with an Nvidia GPU is a good option, but mini PCs are not usually a good choice.

I think new iPads are being announced any day now, maybe today? That may result in a price cut on the current models. Buying refurbished products directly from Apple is also generally safe in my experience.

thanks for the detailed answer. i guess it needs to be a tablet, due to different reasons. (my kids need a tablet to, besides me zwifting) . Do you think it needs to be the ipad pro or is the ipad air sufficient?

iPad Air should be fine. Any of the models with the M-series CPU would be my choice, but people use Zwift on older ones without problems. I’ve run it on a 2018 iPad Pro recently and it was fine.

I’m using an older iPad air (2020) and it’s actually a great zwift experience, instant, intuitive touchscreen controls, just so convenient.

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Another factor to consider when buying a tablet that will be used by children is the presence of a normal wired headphone jack, which goes away after the iPad 9 I believe.

Hi @Andreas_Binder1 thanks for your submission and welcome to the Forums! Norman from Zwift here.

I see you have lots of great recommendations, I wanted to let you know that there are lots of tablets around and whichever one you end up buying, as long as they have the following specifications, you should be able to run Zwift without any major issues.

If you buy an Android Tablet you need it to have these specs:

If an iPad is more your cup of tea, you want to check this image:

More information is here.