Android Tablet recommendations

Hi all

I’ve got to get a new Android tablet to be able to run Zwift with the new update.

Does anyone have a list or recommendations for tablets?

Was using a Huawei MediaPad M5 but it is no longer supported.

I’ll only be using the tablet for Zwift so don’t really want to spend a fortune on a top of the range tablet.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

Or a 2nd hand A7.

Thanks Stuart, I was looking at them

Look, I say this as someone who’s firmly in the Windows PC + Android phone camp: just buy a refurbished iPad to use as a dedicated Zwift tablet. No Android tablet is going to have the smoothness or longevity.

Set up an alert on RefurbTracker - the best deals are direct from Apple. You don’t need current gen - something 1-2 gens old is fine.

If you have to go Android, don’t skimp out with a second-tier brand like Huawei or Xiaomi - at least get a Samsung as others have suggested.

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Thanks CJ
Do you happen to know what version Ipads works best ? Always had Android so not sure of the difference between ipad, ipad air etc
Thanks again

Just found the compatible device list.
Looks like I can get a refurbished ipad air 2 for a good price. Thanks for the advice!

Rob: do you mean the relatively recent iPad Air 2? (like, “still being sold?”) If so: heck yeah, that’d be amazing for Zwift. If you mean the one sold in 2014… noooooo… that one will NOT work.

EDIT - I stand corrected! It seems the 2014 iPad Air 2 will run iOS 15.

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The iPad Air 2 (from 2014) will run iOS 15 so it should be able to run Zwift. Performance probably won’t be great given how old it is.

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Thanks Paul. A mate has got an ipad air 2 so I’m going to borrow that and see if works

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