Zwift on Nokia T20 tablet?

Looking at the possibility of buying a tablet with wifi and a 4G+ SIM slot, to be able to browse the web home and away on a budget.

Anyone used one to run the Zwift app?

£160 in the Prime Day sales.

My general advice to anyone thinking of buying an Android tablet for Zwift is: “Don’t.”

They won’t run Zwift nearly as well as an iPad.

Yes, you’ll spend more for the iPad - with good reason: Apple won the tablet war. Android tablets are hot garbage. (and I say that as someone firmly in the “Windows PC + Android phone” camp)

Check the Refurb-Tracker website:

Refurbished iPad Wi-Fi+Cellular 32GB - Space Grey (7th generation) – FW6A2B/A £309.00

If you can live with tethering your tablet to a cell phone, you can spend even less and go with the Wi-Fi only version of the above at £209.

A damming endorsement of Android from Otto.

In its defence Android will run Zwift perfectly fine and has tended to suffer less from update issues with Zwift.

Graphically there’s nothing to choose between them. Neither are capable of the higher graphic profiles that a gaming laptop (still a bad idea) or a dedicated PC can offer.

Convenience is the reason to reach for a tablet.

The prices for the iPad’s Otto has posted are very attractive, given that iPad’s are more than just a device to run Zwift.

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If price is a major concern, you might also consider getting a WiFi only tablet with better performance specs than one that has WiFi + cellular, and use your phone as a hotspot when you want Internet access on the tablet away from home. It can cut the cost of a better tablet and also avoid recurring telecom charges for the tablet, especially if you only need occasional cellular data on the tablet.

Our 2014 Surface Pro 4 might be on its way out, so just mulling over possibilities that have a SIM slot for extra convenience, to replace it that don’t cost a kidney. Something that gives me the option of running Zwift on something other than my old Mi A2 or newer Poco F3 mobiles (which work fine but use a fair chunk of battery charge) at more than 2fps would be a bonus. :wink:

Never been a fan of buying second hand electronics.

Assuming you have a spare TV or monitor to hand, £160 is easily enough to knock together a desktop PC that will run Zwift in Ultra profile and 1440p resolution, at 60fps a lot of the time. All of which annihilate any tablet, phone or Apple TV (Basic profile, 1080p, 30fps).

The benefit of a iPad is that you can take it in a bag with you where you are going. It’s not going to have the performance of a PC or Mac desktop but it is very convenient and you can use it for other things.

It’s a trade off.

It’s not android but android based tablets have been fairly well criticised above.