Can anyone recommend me an Android tablet for Zwift

Evening everyone,

I am after a cheap tablet to run zwift on. Never had an android tablet before.

I use a Volt smart trainer if it makes any odds.

Just wondered if anyone could help me and recommend anything.

Appreciate any help.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

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Nice one. Will take a look. Thank you

To be fair the A8 is now priced really well. It depends if you are going to stream to a big screen. If so there are plenty of budget 7 inch tablets that will work.

I am very much in the “Android + Windows PC” camp but the iPad is the most bang for the buck and the smoothest experience for Zwift, short of an AppleTV box. The 7th Gen iPad with 32GB of storage runs about $280CAD/$209USD, direct from Apple with a warranty.

RefurbTracker is a tool for tracking when they come back in stock as they get snapped up quickly:

My setup, until I went with a dedicated pain-cave with TV on a wall: Phone tray add-on for Tacx Tablet Bracket