Phone tray add-on for Tacx Tablet Bracket

Hey all!

I’ve installed a couple of Tacx Brackets for Tablets on the handlebars of bikes and have wished for a small tray to hold a smartphone below the tablet bracket. What’s there now is described as a water bottle holder but I’ve never found it useful as that (angles on my bikes cause bottles to fall off).

On the Tacx NEO bike, there’s a lovely tray right where it should be, why not for the rest of us?

Well, I made one. Rather, I found one that can be easily modified with minimal work. It starts as a phone tray for a Peloton Bike which you cut slots into to slide over the lower section of the Tacx tablet holder.

Full photo tutorial here: Tacx Handlebar Tablet Holder Phone Tray - Album on Imgur

…and another iteration involving the Companion App on the phone, ZwiftMap GPS on the tablet for a better view of upcoming turns, and Zwift running on the AppleTV:

Since edits are disabled on the original post, I’m posting this addendum.

You can use this tray without the tablet section attached:

This makes sense if you already have the system and still want the option of tablet use - say, for travel.

I’ve since switched to a Foothill Products “Trainer Tray” that attaches via a Garmin (or Wahoo) twist-lock mount:

If you never intend to use a tablet, the Trainer Tray would be more economical than buying the Tacx Tablet holder + phone tray, never mind less work than modifying the phone tray to fit.

I also installed the optional “out-front” mount which would let me attach a bike computer ahead of the tray. (pending purchase)

I only have one ride in with this but like it so far. It’s more practical if you already have a computer mount and plan to use your bike outdoors as well.

EDIT - many, many rides now with both the modified Tacx mount and the Trainer Tray and they’re both excellent.