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Hey all!

I started a thread a while back (here) designed to capture links to interesting and useful Zwift-related resources. It seemed well received and had been updated several times with your input.

However, there is a forum-imposed time-limit for making edits to original posts so I’ve started this new thread to continue where that one left off.

It seems like I’m finding out about a new Zwift resource every week and frequently see people asking about specific types of resources. I thought I’d post a list of the ones I’ve found - maybe you know some I’ve missed?


Putting this front and centre: What are the latest Zwift Game and Zwift Companion app version numbers?

Maps, Routes, Worlds

Events, Challenges, Missions

Podcasts & Media


  • DIRT - “Dad’s Inside Riding Trainers” Facebook group - not just for dads! Non-dads, Moms, everyone welcome.
  • HERD - inclusive club with events for all different Wattage categories -
  • SZR - (Swedish Zwift Riders) Multiple weekly social rides and you don’t have to be Swedish to join - SZR Cycling Club – ZWIFT JERSEYS

Adaptive Athletes

  • Amputee, Disability, Under 1 w/kg group rides out there? - discussion on low-W/kg rides for adaptive athletes. IMPORTANT: there were replies by the NPE-CABLE team as well as the developer of the PainSled and RowedBiker apps on how to use that technology (see the “Software & Technology” section) to apply a wattage correction factor for adaptive athletes.
  • Introducing the Zwift Handcycle [2022]
  • Events - using the “Search” box on ZwiftHacks Events list, try “adaptive” or “handcycle”. You’ll come up with regular events catering to adaptive athletes, often with “keep together” (aka “rubberbanding”) enabled so that everyone can ride together.

Workouts, Training & Racing

Software & Technology

  • Zwift on PC: The Ultimate Guide to Running Zwift at Its Very Best | Zwift Insider - written by the forum’s own @Dave_ZPCMR with input from the author of Zwiftalizer, a guide to building a Zwift PC to minimize cost and maximize graphic detail and performance. In some regions (UK, USA) you can build a PC on the cheap that runs Zwift beautifully. In other regions, a refurb iPad or AppleTV may offer the best value.
  • - if you want to go down the Apple iPad or AppleTV 4k route, Refurb Tracker can be used to create alerts when devices go back in stock on Apple’s online store. There’s little reason to buy on the used market as Apple’s prices often undercut used, the devices have been professionally refurbished and come with warranties.
  • - analyze your system, GPU performance, network, bluetooth, ant+ dropouts, etc.
  • Borderless Gaming - run Zwift on PC full-screen with fewer limitations than Windows defaults
  • RowedBiker and PainSled iOS & Android - apps that can bridge rowing machines into Zwift (converts rowing data to appear like a bike power sensor)
  • qDomyos-Zwift app for Android and iOS - another bridging app that can connect with a variety of non-standard exercise equipment (elliptical machines, exercise bikes, treadmills) and send the data to Zwift
  • Zwift Activity Monitor - GitHub - Allows Zwift users to monitor their moving average power and FTP in real-time
  • NPE-CABLE pod - Converts/binds ANT+ sensors to a single BLE signal - great for dealing with AppleTV limitations. It can also be used to convert a RowERG power source to cycling, allowing Concept2 rowers to “Zwift”. Sadly, the global chip shortage has resulted in the NPE-CABLE being unavailable for purchase for some time.

Hardware - Bicycles, Trainers, Misc.

…and I suspect I’m missing many others.

Zwift’s M.O. seems to be “build a sandbox and let people play in it.” That’s great! It’s lead to a tonne of awesome creative tools.

Have I missed any? Is there a better way to categorize what we’ve got? Hit reply and let me know!

Didn’t they just encrypt the data so things like the Zwift Activity Monitor don’t work anymore?


Great post. Thanks for including zwiftalizer. Please could you update the link to use https? (It will load faster without having to redirect from http to secure https). I would recommend dropping that 2019 buyers guide post. It’s out of date and @Dave_ZPCMR’s ultimate guide is more relevant.

Updates done!

@shooj : can we pin this thread, and unpin the old one? :slight_smile:

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Why was this flagged? They are community resources via the DIRT community that revolves around Zwift…any explanation?

Maybe there is an “no soliciting” policy? I’ve also seen some posts get flagged recently for people trying to sell their equipment and such.

I didn’t flag it but @Mike_Rowe1’s explanation sounds plausible.

On the topic of DiRT, I’d like to have a new section dedicated to clubs. Offhand, I know of DiRT, HERD, SZR and I’m sure there are a bunch more.

Ideally though, I’d simply want ONE link to each. People are free to go poke around a club page/Discord whatever and use that as a springboard to whatever other resources a club might want to promote. I don’t actually have a working link to DiRT (it’s primarily housed in Discord, no?) so if anyone wants to provide one, I’ll add it.

Dirt has a Facebook page with over 12,000 people in it. I’m on the page but don’t spend any time there. The Discord group is where the community banter lives, also a great starting point for the dozens of DIRT racing groups such as Eat DIRT, Down and DIRTy, DIRT IRL, Team DIRT Racing, etc.

FB: DIRT Zwift Team | Facebook

Thanks @Freighter . Added link to DIRT’s FB group.

Also created a new “Clubs” section with the three clubs I already had. Happy to add more as they’re mentioned. Also hived off podcasts & channels into their own section.

I’m open to better ways of categorizing this.

Is there an ontologist in the house?

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Another DIRT podcast as well.

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Added! (replies must contain a minimum of 8 characters so I have continued typing)

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I can’t get over the fact that they are riding while recording and out of breath, bike noise in the background etc… I wish they would not do that.

@shooj Thanks for pinning this! :smiley:

Just updated to include a link to the list of current app versions.

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Great recap of the various resources out there! I’d take the fact that someone made it a sticky to mean Zwift is appreciative, even though they haven’t said so outwardly.

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A note for AppleTV users: I was playing with the Siri Gen2 remote today and figured out how to navigate a bit easier.

I and others have noted the difficulty in some navigation - like scrolling down the Pace Partner list results in the list staying put and your cursor (the selected partner) disappearing.

  • CLICKPAD BUTTONS: tap to move between menus/areas.
  • TOUCH SURFACE: use the full pad of your finger to slowly “drag” a menu around (making different parts visible)
  • TOUCH SURFACE: Use your finger tip in a quick “flick” to move the highlighted item.
  • CENTRE OF TOUCH SURFACE: full press to select the item that’s highlighted

Once you get it, it makes ATV way more usable. (I’d still strongly suggest using the Companion for most in game navigation)

Adding link to the discussion about the new Zwift Hub smart trainer.

Added a link to ZwiftInsider article on how to get Withings/Nokia scales to sync weight to Zwift using a (free) Fitbit account as a pass-through. NOTE: I’ve tested this personally and it works.

Hi CJ, I made a little tool to help find the right Pace Partner to train with, James suggested this might be a good place for it too.