Dashboard / Navigation in Zwift App (Apple TV 4k)

Hi Zwift,

please share some information when we can expect the new dashboard in the Apple TV 4k version of Zwift. The version number alreadys states 1.28.1 but is still showing the “old” navigation. The Zwift App on my iPad contains already the new dashboard and I really like the new style.

It’s a pain in the a** to swipe through the submenu (e.g. Pace Partner selection) with the Apple TV Remote on the old interface and I hope it’s improving with the new dashboard.

Thanks and BR

Pace Partner selection issue has been ongoing for to long now - No updates, very little ownership from Zwift HQ as far as I can see.

Something really needs to be done…

Don’t hold your breath… Been asking this for months. Very frustrating they can’t provide an estimate timeline especially as the new homescreen is already out in public. The usual reason for lack of timeframes or feature was to stop competitors getting up front information but this doesn’t apply here. Would just love a straight answer of when it will be available. I have it on Android and really like it. Would love it on ATV.

I posted a workaround in the Megathread which I’ll quote.

I too look forward to a new ATV UI but I’d rather Zwift take the time (even if it’s many more months) to get it perfect.

Guys, today is the day! Finally the new dashboard is deployed in the Zwift app on my Apple TV! The navigation with Apple Remote is superb now, thanks for solving this.
Happy customer :slight_smile:
BR Niko