The Zwift Hub - So zwift are releasing a trainer after all!

A rebranded JetBlack volt.

This just dropped:

You have to be quick around here to beat me!

Thought I’d edit the title to avoid other similar topics

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Yeah, maybe have Zwift Hub as the first part of the title.

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Looks like we also got a new Zwift logo and Forums Favicon!

This is a much more sensible idea for Zwift than building their own trainer from scratch.


Unfortunately, it seems so. I don’t see why, since the “Z” part of the logo hasn’t changed.

The new favicon is a lot less readable and clear.




reminds me of the old logo…

Someone remind me what the +/- accuracy was for elite / pro level racing?

Would their own trainer not be compatible? or does it just scrape in?

± 1% I believe.

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The font reminds me of Star Wars. The Z in particular looks like a reverse S. =)


Looks decent, will be interesting to see if it’s any good.

I already own a Neo 2T, so it’s not relevant for me.


seems like it might be a loss leader for them, banking on increased subscriptions to offset the low price point. Will this force the competitors to lower their prices, or is the demand so low now that it wouldn’t really make a difference?

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Just made a short overview of this trainer for those who don’t feel like reading: ZWIFT RELEASES ZWIFT HUB SMART TRAINER!!!

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Is it just me that finds it very odd that the standalone Z now no longer matches the Z in "2wift, sorry, I mean “Zwift”?

It is identical to this apparently

It didn’t in the previous iteration, other than the top-right corner anyway.

But yeah, it doesn’t seem to fit together as well. The slope of the two Zs and the cross piece intersection of FT were parallel before, so they did seem coherent. Less so now.

Pretty good pricing…maybe it will reduce the number of spin bike requests…

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Indeed, the old Z of the Zwift wasn’t particularly stylised, so it went together ok with a sylised Z logo.

But now.we’ve got a heavily (differently) stylised Z of Zwift together with the Z logo.

It’s very odd.

Also odd seems moving this thread to the Zwift Shop forum so quickly, but hey ho …

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Why is it not being released in Canada at the same time as USA?