Introducing Zwift Hub - The Smart Trainer with a Smarter Price

Today we’re announcing our first smart trainer, Zwift Hub!

Priced at $499/£449/€499, this fully-featured, direct drive trainer also includes the choice of a preinstalled 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 speed cassette.

Available to order in the US, EU and UK from Oct 3rd you can see all the features and pre-register your email address here. []

@Dani_Rae do you have any idea of when it will ship up to Canada?

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Great price! Looking forward to @Shane_Miller_GPLama’s full review.

Worth noting that JetBlack have price matched their Volt in the same markets, with the same improvements. Just shows how much they were making previously.

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I imagine Zwift pressured them pretty hard to reduce the price too, good for everyone I think.

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This seems like a pretty smart move (rather than trying to build the full concept bike at a high price point). Hopefully it gets more people into Zwift, and also current Zwifters to to upgrade their experience from wheel-on to something more fun!

Would be nice if it were available in Canada though… Very low localization cost - just need to add a few Eh’s here and there in the instructions, and maybe a picture of a moose on the box right?


Are you close to the border of Michigan by chance? Ship it to me and I’ll drive it over :innocent:

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Used to live in Sault Ste. Marie (which I would count as pretty close :), but now out in the west coast. I could however get these shipped to friends in Seattle, so if I personally wanted another trainer, I have a hook up here :slight_smile:

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Not personally interested in it, but Jetblack’s home market the price is $999.01nzd (or about $100usd higher than Zwift direct) so either the price is “yet to be updated” for kiwi’s, or they rely on non-Zwift market (and volume) to make up for lost margin.

They said they’d match it in the same markets as Zwift, so US/EU/UK. In NZ it’ll presumably stay the same as it was before.

Yeah, no doubt, bloody small market here too. Oddly, like most other consumer wants and needs, we could probably ship it from US and land it here cheaper, and local companies wonder why us consumers bypass them.