Zwift Hub - manufactured in U.S. or Australia?

Just getting ready to import a trainer into Canada - Broker wants to know where the Zwifthub is manufactured.

Could somebody please check their shipping box and see if there is some kind of indication if it is manufactured in the U.S. or in Australia? I kind’ve assumed Australia, but need to be 100% sure.


“Made in China” is on the trainer.

If it was manufactured here in Australia it’d have a mullet and come with a slab of beer in the box. :australia::ok_hand:t3:


Ugh, I guess I should have seen that one coming…I think China makes all my stuff!

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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@Rollie_Smith9302 How did the import process work for you? Were you charged duty? Thinking of doing the same thing since it doesn’t seem to be able to be ordered in Canada.


I used “Dyk Post” to bring the item up to Edmonton. They allow you to set up a mailbox thru “Montana Mailbox”.

The total bill was $99.15 to bring it into Canada. I don’t think I was charged duty (should’ve kept the receipt)

As far as I remember, this $99 consisted of:
-$35 GST on item
-approx $5 mailbox set up

  • $35 brokerage fee
  • $10 freight fee

…I know that only adds up to $85, but I can’t remember where the remaining $14 was charged to.

Its a good trainer - I’ve seen some sales on one of the Kickr models for $1000 around Christmas. By the time you buy the hub and get it to your door, you’ll have spent $800 Canadian. If warranty issues ever pop up, it gets complicated/expensive to send it back to the US. Maybe that’s where the Kickr would be better ( if wahoo doesn’t go bankrupt)

Hope that helps,

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At $800ish landed for the Hub, on this side of the border you could get a Saris H3, Elite Suito, Flux S or a Kickr Core for similar dollars and not have the cross border issues with delivery and service.