When will the Zwift Hub ship to or be sold in Canada?

When will the Zwift Hub ship to or be sold in Canada? Canada has the ninth-largest economy in the world as of 2020, with a GDP of $1.64 trillion USD. If we ship the Zwift Hub to friends in the USA, it costs a further USD 150 to ship it via USPS to Canada.

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I’m not sure if Zwift will open their store back up to Canada, but you might be able to get the Jet Black Volt? It is the same trainer, just without the Zwift branding.


Thanks, Mike. I know about JetBlack, but Youtube reviews suggest that Zwift tweaked the software for the Zwift app and that there are some minor hardware improvements. The differences may be moot, but I like the idea of a company ensuring that the software and hardware work seamlessly. Interestingly, I see today that the VOLT Smart Trainer “coincidentally” dropped its price to $499 USD, the same price as the Zwift Hub. I have to see what that men’s in Canadian dollars. Thanks again for your prompt reply.

Jetblack openly said they’d do this when the Hub was announced. Same with offering the zero spindown feature and revised design for better disc brake clearance. :+1:

Thanks Dave. I didn’t mean to disparage anyone. That’s why I put “coincidentally” in quotation marks. I would have been most surprised if it was a coincidence.

The bottom line is that the Zwift Hub with Zwift controlling the software is a welcomed event, given the great price and vertical integration of an excellent product.

Now Zwift has to make it available to the rest of the world. I bet that comes sooner than later.


As much as I’d like the ZwiftHub to be available in Canada (I’d buy one for a family member), there are local distributors for the JetBlack Volt here in America’s hat.

FWIW: another option is to order the Volt through Amazon.com. I ran the numbers a while ago (when it was still in stock online) and at $500USD converted to CAD + shipping + taxes, it actually made sense to cross-border ship from Amazon. (they tend to side-step all the UPS surcharge shenanigans)

EDIT - Shoutout to @Gerry_Donaldson for finding the Volt on Amazon.ca - and for the equivalent of $531USD with no shipping cost.

Volt requires an 11-speed cassette. My bike needs an 8-speed. I understand that the Zwift Hub is based on the Volt, but they are different products with different software. They are different products and, unless Zwift states otherwise, we can expect that Zwift will update its Hub to Zwift needs from time to time but will not assume responsibility for the Volt. It is a fact that they are different products, even though one is based on an earlier version of the other. By the way, at the time of typing this reply, the Volt is not available on Amazon (USA) but is available on Amazon (Canada) for $720 CAD = $531 USD. I have friends in the USA, but I would have to pay $150 postage, 11% sales tax in Arizona (there is no sales tax in Alberta, where I live) and possibly duty.

I have a NordicTrack Studio Bike. It has a magnetic wheel, so I can’t use it with Zwift. I will wait for now.

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Mmm, what do you mean by “requires?” I think it ships with an 11-speed cassette but they’re easily swapped. Reports indicate they’re $30 Sunrace or similar. 8-speed Microshift cassettes are available from Decathlon.ca for $23CAD. You could sell the 11 that came with the Volt to fund that.

Good catch! Apparently, not typing a space between “Jet” and “Black” confuses Amazon’s search algo - I wasn’t finding it all on .ca.

RE: updates, you do you but I’m not really concerned about this. JetBlack doesn’t seem in danger of going under.

To be clear: I really WANT the Zwift Hub to be offered in Canada. It’d be a great turn-key solution. I’m just looking at the Volt 2.0 as a reasonable alternative given they’re price-matching the Hub.

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Thanks for your advice CJ. Much appreciated. I didn’t hear of JetBlack until Zwift hub Youtube reviews indicated the Hub was based on it. It must be a good product if Zwift based the Hub on it. Thanks again.

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Hi Mike - wanted to make a clarification to your assumption.
Jetblack is indeed a development partner for the Zwift HUB but not the manufacturer. Zwift made refinements to the hardware, but more importantly, to the firmware. The firmware has a great deal more to do with the in-game experience and is uniquely Zwift’s.


Hello Danielle,
Can Canadians buy this product from your website?
If not, where can we buy it?

Thank you…Allen

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I’d like to know this too!


I’d like to know when available in Canada too. Keeping getting emails from Zwift to buy… but can’t buy it. Really frustrating.

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If you’re patient you can find deals on open-box or like-new Saris H3 trainers on eBay for less than US$600. It’s a higher quality trainer, compatible with more bikes, and not a great deal more money. Until Zwift decides to court your business, that’s one of the better options close to the price of the Zwift Hub.

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I doubt they will. Not with the logistics involved in serving a market that is 10% of the US with a product that is large and heavy to ship plus (if these forums are any indication) the number of returns and replacement units being shipped back and forth.

I also agree with @Paul_Southworth. There’s plenty of extremely good deals on brand new trainers and so many slightly used “pandemic purchased” ones that are much better spec’d than the Hub.

Anyone try to get the hub into canada? If so what did you do? I live near the border so using one of those US mailbox services is a possibility if that works.

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Yea, but you won’t sell the hub to the OP, as he’s in Canada.

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Amazon.ca now sells the Wahoo Kikr for CA $700, free delivery with Prime.

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from the SKU posted on amazon that looks to be a really old model, plus you need a cassette.

has anyone tried using a US post box (eg: CBI) or shipsy to bring to canada?

The Kickr Core is still a better trainer than the Zwift Hub with better accuracy and a heavier flywheel. The cassette that comes with the Hub is a cheap knock-off of Shimano. Either one is a reasonable choice. Wahoo will support their trainer for a person with an address in Canada. Zwift Hub trainers do fail and you’ll have to make another cross-border trip or shipment if they need to ship you anything.

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