Zwift HUB Restock Update

The Zwift HUB sold out faster than anyone expected!

We’ve launched a dedicated stock notification page you can check out HERE

We will be posting regular stock updates as soon as they are available.
Thank you all for your excitement and understanding as we work to meet demand.

bonjour j’ai acheté le Swift hub le payant a été accepté mais la commande pas traite je peux savoir pourquoi et quand il sera traite

Looks like the Jetblack Volt is also out of stock at the moment.

Kickr Core it is then, I reckon.

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What is the ETA for the Zwift HUB for Zwifters that successfully ordered it before Stock ran out? I do not see any progress within my order yet. I sold my old trainer already and like to start Zwifting as soon as possible again :wink: Like everyone of course.

I got a shipping email today (placed order on Sunday). Says it will arrive tomorrow.

Hi Dave, Thanks for your patience! Our distribution centers are slammed with more orders than we’ve ever thrown at them. We should be finished shipping all placed orders (globally) before the end of the week.


Can you reserve me one of the ones that overstates power by 8% and sprint power by 6% after a cold spindown calibration! :joy::joy:

Zwift bringing out a trainer that will help people cheat! You couldn’t actually make it up.

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Is anyone else still awaiting a shipping notification after successfully ordering a hub? The FAQ page says that US orders will be shipped out within 1 day of placing the order…

Hey Shawn,

Thanks so much for your patience! We have a backlog of orders right now from selling everything in a single day. All orders (globally) should ship out before the end of the week. Check out this article for more information on checking your order status.

Thanks! Will take a look.

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Stupid Brexit!

I see you all have made a nice secondary market for these now. Chapeau.

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Thanks all. I received mine yesterday. Very happy with it. I have my Tacx Smart S replaced with the Zwift: HUB. Until now very happy with it.

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Seriously, you didn’t anticipate this at all? No market research??

Not in Canada?

No schedule for Canadian release yet.

I just assumed it would be released here, so I waited patiently until the 3rd and then couldn’t understand why I didn’t seem to able to order it.

Disappointed and baffled .

They are already sold out in the USA and I believe they will be for a while as this trainer meets what “normal” cyclist need to enter into Zwift world.
Maybe next year, who knows? As there are no announcements yet for us Canucks.
I predict other smart trainer prices to drop sharply by year end, as a matter of fact it’s already started on many of them.
So it might be a smart move to wait for the ZwiftHub to be available in Canada or look at another brand that will be cutting their price because of the ZwiftHub effect.
Good luck shopping!

Was any stock held back for DOA replacements?

I have an open ticket for no power/speed/cadence being transmitted from my new hub and support staff have gone dark.

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