Just ordered a Zwift Hub One, what do you think?

Hello everyone,

Yesterday I ordered a “Zwift Hub One”. I have only just found out that the product has been discontinued.

The “WAHOO KICKR CORE ZWIFT ONE” was also an option, but in direct comparison it was louder in my opinion and after my old Wahoo Kickr Snap from 2015 I wanted to test another manufacturer.

What do you think? Was the order a mistake and should I cancel it straight away?

Thank you all

Dont read too much into the discontinued thing.

It’ll be supported with firmware for at least 2 years.

For comparison the Neo range haven’t had a firmware update for a long time and they still work fine. It’s not like the Hub will suddenly no longer work.

If you were happy at the time you bought it then you should remain so.


I was just about to say the same as Stuart.

it’s a good deal and as he says other trainers rarely get updates anyway so i don’t think you are missing anything.

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Thank you guys, my old Wahoo Kickr Snap has not been updated for over three years and works perfectly.

I tested the Zwift Hub One and liked it right away. So i think i will keep it.



Hi @Manolito and welcome to Zwift Forums, I’m pleased to read that you’re enjoying your Zwift Hub One!

Remember that we will help you out whenever you need support with your Zwift Hub One. In addition, the trainer will receive firmware updates and improvements to preserve the fantastic Zwift experience in our virtual worlds. Ride On.

Neither here nor there, but I always thought the ‘Snap’ was a product name that didn’t inspire much confidence in the product :smiley: