Zwift Hub one or KICKR?

Hey all - in the market for a new direct drive trainer. Any thoughts whether I should go with the hub 1 or wahoo kickr? both are 599 plus 1 year zwift. I’m currently using a wahoo kickr snap (resistance on the back wheel tire). set up is older specialized tarmac 11 speed road bike. Thanks!

This review was created when Zwift discontinued the “Hub Classic” trainer and replaced it with the Kickr Core. It explains some of the differences between the Hub One and the Core. I haven’t used either trainer so I don’t have any experience to share. The Hub One has reliability problems with the Click shifter which you can find here on the forum (there’s a new report almost daily). However nothing stops you from putting a normal cassette on the Hub One, which would make the Click shifter optional.

Helpful… thanks. Will probably go with the kickr because it sounds like all the things it doesn’t have vs the hub one will eventually be available.

I think Zwift made that choice easy by discontinuing the Hub One. I have a Hub One and its worked fine for me the last 5 weeks. I have not experienced any glitches with virtual shorting. It Zwift were to offer a deep discount on their remaining inventory it might be worth considering, otherwise get the Wahoo

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About £100 off at the moment for UK people, wondering if that’s good enough deal for Hub One but then again, only matter of time they providing any support on it. Any possibility of that I wonder.