Zwift Hub long term support

Now that the Kickr has virtual shifting and Zwift is stopping with the Hub.

Wil they stop support of the firmware of the Hub? Bought one a launch and now it seems to be a bad investment.

I hope Zwift does not betray me by stopping updating the Hub software.

DCR’s article says that “Zwift has confirmed they will continue to support the Zwift Hub One and Zwift Hub Classic in terms of firmware updates. The company says they plan to provide firmware updates for the units for two years, including new feature updates”.

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Hi Shuji at Zwift HQ. Existing owners of Zwift Hub One will continue to be supported through firmware updates and improvements to maintain a fantastic Zwift experience. All existing warranties remain valid. More details about long-term support on this FAQ.

On a personal note - speaking as a Zwift Hub One owner - I can’t imagine going back to a trainer which does not have virtual shifting. I recently bought a 12 speed bike, and really appreciate that I can switch between that and my 11 speed bike without swapping cassettes thanks to the Zwift Cog.

I also don’t feel like my Hub One has been surpassed feature-wise by the KICKR Core Zwift One in any way.

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I understand that they have a rough week. But I don’t think it is really that bad. The amount of users is still going up. And that means more income.

I bought mine in November 2023 and am extremely disappointed to hear of this. I thought I was buying a product that the company would stand by - clearly this was not the case. 2 years of firmware upgrades for an expensive tech product that is chained to its platform? Horrific. Certainly has left me ticked off. C


The KICKR CORE only got firmware updates for 2 years. Hadn’t had anything in lots of years up until now. It doesn’t mean that the trainer won’t work, it just won’t be getting any new features. To be honest, with 10hz transmission and HR bridging the Zwift Hub One is probably a better buy than the Kickr Core.


My tech knowledge doesn’t go as far as yours it seems, but what you say is reassuring. In any event, I’m disappointed I purchased. You don’t generally buy a new product from a reputable company to find out, a couple months later, that the product is discontinued. If you did, you’d probably be disappointed. Anyways, oh well.

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I’m in a similar position, although too late to refund.

A bit frustrating because I reckon they knew this was going to be the case well in advance. They should have discounted the Zwift hub classic and the hub one at the same time I think and avoided this issue.

I do recall a few youtube videos mentioning that the Kickr was likely (probably) to get this feature oneday…I guess I thought it would be much further away. This is also frustrating because they most likely had an idea of a release date and could have made it official much much earlier.

Having said that, I’m not sure what else I would really need from the firmware updates - I’m getting plenty of miles in and enjoyment from it, so still think it’s good value for money so far.

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Nick - totally agreed.

Hi just received Zwift Hub One today and find it is discontinued.
Should I return and get the Wahoo Kickr Core.


Although we will soon stop selling the Zwift Hub One, our hardware division will continue to support the trainer with firmware updates and improvements, to maintain a fantastic Zwift experience. All existing warranties will remain valid, and our Community Support team remains on hand to answer any questions or provide any support with the Hub One you may need.

All that being said, it’s honestly completely up to you if you would like to send the Zwift HUB back. If you would like to do that, you can start the return process here and receive a full refund for the Zwift HUB.

Whatever you decide, know that our support colleagues are here to help in any way that we can.


Thanks I appreciate the quick reply.

I would like to also ask - Ive been a zwfit member since 2018 and the Zwift Hub one that I purchased 10 weeks ago was my FIRST trainer upgrade. I did so because I wanted something that would be advanced and last - now its obvious I got burned terribly and could have gotten a much better trainer for the exact same cost.

Who would predict a 4 month lifespan? I feel a lot of things a Zwift customer right now, good is not one of them.

Why do you feel burned? The Hub trainer has been on the market since September 2022. It’s the same trainer as the one you bought and they’re still supporting it. The Click shifter and Cog that they added to it are still on the market. If I were in your situation I would save my disappointment for the time when you have a problem that they refuse to support appropriately. If it’s working well for you, just keep riding.


Yet, it is somewhat disappointing to have bought a product that’s about to become obsolete…in two years, isn’t it? Zwift Hub One was my first smart trainer ever, and surely, my decision to buy it back in November was based on the virtual shifting feature - a technological novum - which was a decisive factor but also the presumption that it was going to be rather a lasting experience, certainly more than 2 or 3 years. I am still hoping, it will be but somehow can’t shake the notion now, that Hub One has aquired a stigma of unwanted child now. I hope I am wrong!

I bought the hub one when my cyclops died - I would have absolutely gotten the kickr if not for the Zwift cog and overall zwift marketting that it was designed/for Zwift. Since Im not using other systems (and havent for years) it seemed logical - now 10 weeks later, that is gone, I COULD have gotten the zwift tech with a better trainer, and had the ability to add on the kickr climb. (I assumed zwift would try to support their trainer on the market by releasing stuff for it, because thats how products tend to work.

Then to read that theres a lot of instability at the top, it just seems like Zwift could have been more transparent. I repeat, I would like to return the trainer and get the Kickr version, because had I been given the notion that this trainer would stop being supported just two months after I got it, I would have steered very far away.

But it’s not though, Zwift have said they’ll continue to support the trainer with firmware updates/new features for two more years. Are there any trainers from other brands that have received noticeable features updates even a year after release?

Zwift says two more years software support, you have warranty, too. If the trainer is working properly, I see absolutely no problem.
I wrote already in another thread - have a Tacx Neo 1st gen, really old, there was no firmware update in the last 4 years. More than 30.000 Zwift km and counting…

2 years is nice, but after owning it for 2 months, I can’t say I feel very confident or happy with my purchase. Time will tell. I specifically bought the latest, hoping it would last a long time.
Ofcourse. It will be supported for 2 years, but it’s a product that’s only on the market for 4 months. It won’t be the most popular piece of hardware to support, since it’s the least used.
Because it’s so dependent on the integration, I am afraid it’ll be over as soon as updates stop.
Nothing to do about it now

The cog and shifter will continue to be supported since they’re still used on the new Kickr Core bundle. The trainer itself has been on the market since Fall 2022 and will get two more years of firmware updates from now, which doesn’t seem that unusual to me.

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