Zwift Game Release: Oct 1, 2018

Hey Zwifters, it’s that time again. The new update is out and it’s a good one for the runners of Watopia! We now support sport-specific roads/paths in our worlds, and the first one we’ve released is a run-only path that goes right through downtown on Watopia.

Other notable improvements include:

  • Some training plans now have “optional” days, with no penalty for missing them
  • Updated the road intersection UI
  • Daily Targets (running) now will draw distance markers along the way to your goal
  • Added support for custom event-only routes
  • Running now supports 5k/10k tests, much like an FTP test. These are used in the 3Run13.1 plan, and a 5k test is also available in the workouts menu

In other news, we will soon be enabling cloud sync of your custom workouts across any device you use Zwift on. This should allow you to manage your workout library on a laptop, but enjoy the workouts on your phone, tablet, or AppleTV.

Finally, our artists are putting the final touches on the New York course, and we think everybody will get a kick out of this one. It will be unlike any course we’ve had before - stay tuned!

As usual we’re all ears when it comes to feedback about changes, just respond to this thread. Or if there is something new you’d like to see, head on over to Feature Requests to post your idea.

Ride On.

The Team at Zwift


So I just downloaded the new update and now zwift will not open. It attempts to start up showing the DD training and then disappears after about 30 seconds.


Same thing happening with my PC


Avid Zwifter here and love it. Simply adding my voice to those of others calling for World Selection - as repeatedly and understandably oft stated on Zwiftcast, but it’s still not here, so thought I’d better add my vote too.


Can you all try restarting your PC then open Zwift?

Did that several times and reinstalled Zwift. also checked to see if my virus software was blocking it. Did not fix problem

Jon: these are all useful improvements, and I’m looking forward to more like these.

These seem especially promising:

  • custom event-only routes
  • sport-specific roads/paths
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Same here. Tried for hour to fix. Still keeps shutting down. Very very frustrating. Worked fine yesterday. After update today nothing but crashing


graphics on this release seem enhanced, too. it seems like i can see further into the distance now, and i saw more detail on some of the buildings and along the new run-paths. very cool!


Same as others. When starting, it’ll show the initial splash screen then just die.

Tried reinstalling twice to no avail.

Same. Starts up to slash screen then crashes out to the desktop. Bummer update!

Same issue for me… App starts, then disappears, never to be seen again :confused:


Same here

I restarted, shut down and tried reinstalling…no luck. Still shuts down after 10 seconds or so

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Same here. Hope this gets straightened out ASAP.

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After upgrading to PC, my Zwift asks for the file OPENGL 3.1 or higher, I could not find nowhere to update this and crap that Zwift does not open! Unfortunate

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Hey all, we’ve identified an issue with unsupported graphics cards (Intel 2000/3000) that are below our minimum spec, and will try to fix the issue. It only happens on computers that have a specific version of the graphics drivers (4459). Even though we do not officially support these 6 year old graphics cards, we do still test against 3 or 4 of these cards every release, but none in our QA lab had the driver version in question.

We are building up a machine now that can accept the driver in question, and hope to be able to fix the issue as soon as we can reproduce it (ideally in the next 48 hours).

In the meantime, we’d like to encourage Zwifters on these older machines to try Zwift on iOS or Android in the meantime if they can, and keep in mind that at some point (possibly in 2019) we may drop testing and unofficial support completely for cards of this age. We try to support a very wide range of hardware, and we do support more than most 3D games out there, but at some point we do have to draw the line - and that line will move forward a little each year.