Zwift Game Release: Oct 1, 2018

Loved the new run updates, ran the 5k yesterday and it “feels” much more immersive. I think it’s the pace and scale now fits running whereas running on a bike route just seemed so slow after whizzing along on a bike. Feels like the companion app needs altering for running, not sure how yet, simpler with some easy to tap whilst running buttons maybe (I used an iPad mini so not too bad, my phone would be a challenge). Any chance of some people in Watopia town?? You could ignore their absence on a bike going up the Alpe, but running along the beach with abandoned sand castles is a bit weird. But excellent upgrade, thanks!!


My sensors paired OK at start-up, but when in game nothing reacting to my pedaling. Solved by Menu > Pair > Back.

Also, Zwift posted a seemingly random screenshot together with an upload to Strava. The place was not even closr to where I rode.

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Understand that you can’t support older equipment forever. Even Microsoft gives you the option not to upgrade, but run older versions unsupported.
There a lot of people that run on there old laptops with only ant trainers. The expense of upgrading either pc or trainer would cut out a large percentage of your customer base


The machines affected total less than 1% of our userbase, and Intel themselves doesn’t support them in Windows 10 (they run win8 drivers underneath the surface). This is where the issue lies. As soon as we declare Zwift to support Windows 10 (which we did in this update), Windows 10 will no longer allow use to use deprecated hardware such as the Intel 3000.

This means we now have to build multiple PC versions of Zwift, or end support for devices that the rest of the industry is actively ending support for too. I don’t know which way we will go yet.

Either way, the fix has been pushed to production for now. Should be good to go!


Awesome news about New York. I’ll bet it’s weaving in and out of traffic on a SS

I think this is not an answer…zwift started well on sunday and monday not…my computer is an Intel 3000 but I only use it for e-mailing and zwift…I’m not going to buy another one just for zwifting…

I think this is worse than before. Certainly personally I prefer the older version.

My two main gripes are these:

  • I can’t navigate to the “see all” option with the keyboard. I tried up-arrow, Enter and down-arrow etc. The latter made me do an unwanted U-turn. I worked out that using left/right arrows cycled between the options, but I prefer to be able to see them all at once.
  • I find it much harder to see how much time there is left before the turn option disappears. The old progress bar was easier to see than the thin circle. This could be improved with higher contrast between the orange and the grey.

I accept that sometimes it’s just a case of getting used to a change. I feel the first point might fall into that category for me, but the second I doubt will. I simply can’t see the progress without leaning in and squinting.

Other than that, looks a pretty cool update. I look forward to having a chance to try the running circuit.


Microsoft and Intel have chosen it to be this way, not Zwift. I imagine we’ll keep the 3000 working somehow this winter, but will discontinue support soon after. There are other apps (video and 2D ones) that should continue to work on the older machines for some time as they have lower requirements, so you should still be able to get your training in even without upgrading the machine.

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Thanks for the reply. I understand you’re problem I would only ask to give the user base as much warning as possible so they can update their equipment regards
PS keep up the good work.

Thanks Mark. For reference when we end support for a version of MacOS (like we are now with 10.8) there’s typically an in-game warning that pops up each time the user logs in. It tells them the end is near, and then lets them continue on and do their session. I leave that active for 2-3 months before we finally flip the switch to end support officially. If/when we end support for these GPUs we’ll try and do a similar thing. This microsoft restriction caught us off guard since it affected only a small slice of users. As of today we now have a machine in that exact configuration in our QA testing dept.

I love zwift…don’t make me go to the competence…

Hi, I am using Zwift on an Apple TV4K, along with a Wahoo Kickr and a Wahoo Tickr X. A couple of issues have arisen following yesterday’s update:

  • Display: The image no longer fits on the screen and the content towards the top is cut off. The Apple TV settings on the main Apple menu show that the image resolution size is still correct for my TV (i.e. I can see the full screen box on the test feature in the Apple TV settings). I have tried adjusting the resolution settings to various different sizes but it only makes the problem worse.

  • Tickr X: Prior to the update, the Tickr X was displaying both by heart rate and cadence. Following the update, it only displays the heart rate; the cadence now defaults to the Zwift calculated version (i.e. the cadence lowers when riding up a hill, despite staying the same IRL). The Tickr X is connected by Bluetooth to the Apple TV (as is the Kickr).

Any help you can provide would be appreciated! Thanks.

Really pleased with the fast turnaround to resolve this issue (means no excuse for missing a workout in my plan now) and appreciate what you are saying about no longer supporting the older GPU.

Would be great to have the in game warning as a reminder.

Thanks again.

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I run a Dell Xps i7 2ghz, 8mb ram using an Intel HD 3000, with Garmin sensors. I was caught out like others. On realising I was unable to upgrade my integrated card on board, my interim solution was to buy a apple TV 4k. This was due to having a plan to complete by Wednesday and an email replying to my concern explaining the card is unsupported - implying there was nothing could be done. Hence my cost effective purchase of a few hundred dollars, thankfully, than dropping 1k+ on a laptop. So this thread has me a little perplexed, not about having to interim upgrade, but the communication in the run up to updates and the aftermath of issues and confusion. This is a customer service area Zwift needs to address for future updates. Sadly I’ll not be able to enjoy the new running path which looks great, as I haven’t a Bluetooth compatible footpod. However if there is a fix for the old hardware to limp along in the near future, I may just try the run :grin:

Thanks…the problem has been fixed…Ride On

Stephen, I’m not sure what you mean. If we had know the graphics drivers + windows 10 would have been an issue we wouldn’t have released the update. It surprised us just as it surprised you. If we do intentionally discontinue support for the card there will be months of in-game warning to inform you of such. As it was, we got a fix out in just over 24 hours, so all should be good now. I’m not sure we ever implied that nothing could be done.

FWIW, what broke this is that we now have to choose - due to microsoft’s restrictions we either support Windows 10 bluetooth, or we support Intel 3000’s on Windows 10. This restriction is new to us, and only applies to your GPU due to Intel dropping support for Win10 on their oldest GPUs. In the meantime we have turned off our Win10 bluetooth testing to work around the issue.


Can’t get Zwift Companion to work on iPhone 7. Says it needs an update and doesn’t open properly. Any ideas?

Yes Australian circuits please with kangaroos!


I agree with Daren, what is the procedure to go left or right?
The new widget looks cool but how do you use it?
I did a u-turn as well by accident…


Hi Jon,

Firstly Jon, thanks for the fix, awesome, i now don’t have to go out and buy a bluetooth footpod for my tready :slight_smile:

I understand what you mean, just to clarify. On my first email to Zwift support i explained the issue and accepted the likely cause was my graphics card HD3000. As quoted below from my email:

I’ve updated my graphics card and still have issues. I appreciate my laptop graphics card is probably a source of concern being HD 3000, however, Zwift has been running well when i last logged in. I’d be grateful for advice.

The advice i received was:

I’m sorry, but it seems like the issue is most likely because your GPU doesn’t meet our minimum specs. While it may have been running well before, we’re not able to troubleshoot any issues with it due to that fact. Your best bet would be to use a device which meets our minimum requirements; you can see a list of them in this article​.

The customer service support, gave a reasonable reason which i had already accepted in my enquiry; so it was a confirmation. The response implies that Zwift support can not go further, by directing me to read the minimum spec and ‘your best bet’.

I don’t have a problem at all with the support email and the information, as advice was given and i made a informed decision. My time frame was not to miss my training program and a cost effective solution in the interim. I accept i made a judgement call on a support response which i thought was accurate. I then read the above post of a fix and realised the email i had received was not wrong, but inaccurate. If the email had said, " we have been come aware of this issue and will be making a community statement", then i would of held back my decision.

My point is not about the issue, rather the Zwift communication structure and the effectiveness of the way vital information is disseminated to its subscribers. For example, you will be phasing out hardware support at some point. I’d suggest having a decommissioning strategy for software/hardware support. By having a strategy, you will garner stakeholder/customer acceptance. If you had a date for non-support of the graphics cards, milestone emails could be organised, giving people to time to adjust (save and purchase hardware) and gain stakeholder acceptance. It also means on that date you could have a major maintenance day which underwrites the next technology move. Stakeholders would know whats going on and their would be better understanding for any unforeseen issues, as witnessed over the last few days.

Communication with important news should be made by email in my view, not in game, not just alert subscribers, but to have an official level of direction. An above earlier comment was made that only 1% of the membership would have issues. From my estimations, as Zwift doesn’t release population numbers, i’d say conservatively 1% could be over 1500 people. Which in ratio isn’t a lot until you drill down to revenue streams.

Jon, i hope this post enlightens you, as an example of how a seemingly small issue can has an on-flow into how Zwift could address communication and the importance of a transparent decommissioning strategy; having firm dates and using milestone emails to convey important information to subscribers.

I enjoy both riding and running on Zwift, so please understand, this post is not a criticism of Zwift, just an observation for improvement.