Game Update - December 17th, 2020

Hey Zwifters, we’ve released a new game update which includes a number of changes to Watopia as well as some new features and fixes.

The update is available for download now for PC, Mac and Android and will appear in the Apple App store for iOS and Apple TV soon.

If you are planning to join an event on your next Zwift session, please make sure you log in a few minutes early to download the update and get access to all the latest features.


  • New Routes in Watopia! We’ve added 4 new routes to Watopia which utilize newly discovered roads, both paved and unpaved, and feature 4 new badges to collect.

    • Serpentine 8 - A winding jungle path dedicated to an ancient deity. This route is 19.3km/12.0mi with an elevation gain of 205.7m/675ft.
    • Beach Island Loop - A brisk loop around the Beach Island. Don’t feed the sea lions! This route is 12.7km/7.9mi with an elevation gain of 47.85m/157ft.
    • Two Bridges Loop - A tight, scenic loop featuring the Italian villa and two bridges. This route is 6.8km/4.2mi with an elevation gain of 79.9m/262ft.
    • Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop - Explore beaches, volcanoes and a precarious cliffside. This route is 19.0km/11.8mi with an elevation gain of 155.8m/511ft.
      (Note: These new routes are available for free ride today, and will become available for events and Meetups next week.)
  • FutureWorks Run Pace Partners will hit Watopia next week.

    • Alton Able is an A category runner who will keep a spirited pace of 14.6kph/9.1mph (4:07/km, 6:36/mi) around the Dust in the Wind route.
    • Billie Benoit is a B category runner and loves the Big Loop route, targeting a speed of 11.9kph/7.4mph (05:03/km, 08:06/mi).
    • Cara Cadence is a C category runner holding a speed of 9kph/5.6mph (06:40/km, 10:43/mi) around the Sands & Sequoias route.
    • Dax Diesel is a D category runner who feels most at home on Jon’s Route at a conversational 7.2kph/4.5mph (08:20/km, 13:24/mi).

Missions and Programs

  • Tour de Zwift 2021 kicks off January 4th and will include 8 stages across multiple worlds within Zwift. We’ve added a number of items to support the program (kits, arches, rewards, etc.) Be sure to register at or in-game.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts) have been added or updated.
  • Made adjustments to how shadows are rendered in game to improve performance for high attendance events.
  • ANT+ library updated to version 3.5 on MacOS.
  • New telemetry added for MacOS bluetooth disconnect/reconnect events to help track down bugs.
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing for the Elite Sterzo across all platforms.
  • The Elite Sterzo Smart will now attempt to reconnect if the signal is lost without the user needing to enter the pairing screen.
  • Added support for the Tacx Boost trainer.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the rider to appear to be flying when the rider came into view.
  • Fixed a crash caused at the end of a Meetup.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow for users to do a u-turn in events.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Elite Sterzo Smart to fail to pair.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the app to freeze on MacOS if the user went idle while in the pairing screen.
  • Fixed a bug on Android which would cause pairing issues on the Wahoo Kickr Smart over ANT+.
  • Fixed a crash for Apple Watch connected users running iOS 13.

If you happen to hit any issues with this update, please post in the thread below.

See you in Watopia, Ride On! :ride_on:

Update Dec 28th
We’ve just released a small patch for this release to address a few bugs with assets for upcoming events. The patch is available for PC and Mac now and will be available for Android and iOS/TVOS in the next few hours.

Update Dec. 30th
Fixed an issue causing a freeze during log in after pairing an Apple Watch Heart Rate Monitor.

Update Jan 6th
Fixed two issues that could cause a crash on Mac, iOS and TVOS devices while in the pairing screen.

Update Jan 14th
Made a number of changes to improve performance during very large events.


FINALLY! NEW ROUTES! THANKS SO MUCH ZWIFT!!! I have been looking forward to new routes for awhile!


I really wish Zwift would fix the connect issue with the Withings smart scales. It’s been broken for about 9 months.


Nice! Best!


The new jungle route looks excellent. :+1:


Looking forward to ride the new routes :blush:


I would really like to see the Garmin Smart scale to link up too.


I agree. It’s one of the reasons we bought the Withings Scales!


I was hoping there would be longer routes. Like one where you would do the Alp, then the zwift Kom, then the Alp, then the volcano kom, then the Alp again and then the Epic kom and then the Alp again but I guess these will do


Awesome!!! Excited for the 4 new Watopia routes!!! Thank you Zwift!!! Also, I wish you could make the France world something we can ride more often.
Watopia and France are the most fun worlds!!!


Are these actual new roads or routes configured leveraging existing roads (ex: Seaside Sprint)?


Ultra graphics profile on M1 macs looks great


New roads!!! I can foresee a whole lot of more routes and badges.


That’s a proper release, new road and plenty of bug fixes!

Well done.


This is cool - looking forward to riding the new routes! For future updates - I really would appreciate more routes in real world ‘dream rides’. Like the Grand Canyon, Cabot Trail, Stelvio Pass, or how about a fantasy ride on the Great Wall of China? Anyways - just throwing that out there to the developers!


Two new passes, plus a couple of new shortcuts.

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zwiftpref should be your new best friend. Google it.

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These are routes using new shortcuts. New bridge in the jungle, cutting out half of the Hilly KOM, a winding section between the ends of the Epic KOM that avoid doing the actual climb, and another small shortcut for a relatively flat course.


Can we please have more info on the ANT+ lib update? What lib is this? What version was there before this update? I’m interested in checking the CHANGELOG because ANT+ worked very well for me w/ iMac Pro + Kickr 2018 but after an “upgrade” to Kickr Bike and MacOS Big Sur, I get a lot of disconnections when in-game.

Thank you!