Game Update 1.51 [October 2023]

Hello Zwifters! With this week’s phased release of game version 1.51, we introduce an expansion to our Watopia map!

  • 19 kilometers of new roads in Watopia will give Zwifters eight new routes to explore. The new roads bring cyclists from Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle, bypassing the Epic KOM. Along the Southern Coast, cyclists will find new environments and settlements that have been previously inaccessible via bike. More information here.

  • The Get Started Tutorial is now available to all Zwifters! On the Zwift homescreen, click on your profile image in the top-right to open the profile menu. Then click on the “Tutorial” link. This new tutorial experience will help new Zwifters find their favorite ways to ride, and anyone can complete all of the tasks to unlock a new kit!

  • A new workout details screen provides a cleaner, easier to navigate experience.

  • Reduced gravel rolling resistance proportionally across road, gravel, and mountain bike wheelsets.

  • Enabled Zwift to allow pairing with Zwift Play simultaneously with other steering devices so that Zwifters can use Play to navigate Zwift and interact with other riders, while utilizing other devices for steering.

  • Fixed an issue where elevation markers on Climb Portal routes were truncated.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Leaderboard HoloReplays from spawning if the Segment HoloReplay option was set to off.

  • Fixed the ordering of workouts in the final week of the Crit Crusher training plan.

  • Fixed crashes that could potentially occur when saving Video Screenshots.

  • Improved navigation of the post-ride survey when using Zwift Play controllers.

  • Fixed the description of the Tour of Watopia Fall 2023 Run Shoes in the Garage.

  • “10 - 12 week FTP Builder” workout collection returns to the Training menu.

  • Improved game stability.


  • Minor reduction in installer and game update file size.

iOS, tvOS

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when subscribing to Zwift after completing the free trial.

Please ask questions or raise any issues with game version 1.51 in this thread below.

Note: Starting with next release cycle (Zwift Game version 1.52) we will shift our phased release to start on Tuesdays (in most time zones) and end on Thursdays, rather than a Wednesday-to-Friday cycle.

UPDATE October 26
Phased release of v 1.51.0 continues today on Windows / macOS / Android.
Phased release begins on iOS / tvOS.

UPDATE October 27
Zwift version 1.51.0 is fully released to all OS platforms.


Can you expand on this?


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:
Can’t wait to test!

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Here’s a good explainer: Zwift Update Version 1.51 (122036) Released | Zwift Insider (check out the section “Reduced Gravel Crr”).


Woohoo! I’ve been hoping for this.


As A Rizer owner me too.

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Just tried the multi steering device support with Play Controller and Elite Sterzo. Steering works as expected, but braking stopped working. I created a post in the Bugs forum with details.

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“Gravel” is just the stuff on Scotland mountain roads, according to Zwift insider.
Seems like the rolling resistance in the jungle is the same as before the update.

There are some additional changes to Jungle road resistance coming in the next update as well.


Fine…but…why not in this release already?

If it’s as drastic as the changes to gravel, won’t that basically eliminate all need for MTB/gravel due to surfaces? That is, if you’re doing a route like Sugar Cookie, there wouldn’t be enough time for a bike swap to be faster overall (after -time to stop and switch) than keeping on the same bike and being a hair slower on the dirt. Road to ruins might be okay to still swap, but only Jungle Circuit/Handful of Gravel would be worth riding a gravel or MTB anymore. :thinking:

Is the change that the Jungle will be paved? “Hardpacked sand” would be great as an alternative.


Do I need to upgrade to a 4090 and an i9 or is this some kind of bug ? It was a stable 120fps before this patch. I ran FPSmonitor and it does not seem to be using more than about 30% of the GPU and 10% of the CPU


Oh my……… :grimacing::face_with_spiral_eyes::roll_eyes:

What route were you riding here? Some of the new expansion routes have sections that are very graphically dense. In particular, Going Coastal has an area around the Sasquatch Sprint (also the Mayan Ruins) where you may see a dip in frame ratees. We’re planning to address these areas in upcoming releases.

You’re averaging 65 FPS - still very good, yes?

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Hi brother, this was in the fuego flats desert area near the starting pens, so about as graphically simple as it gets. Some people on facebook are concerned about performance with the new patch so I just logged in and fan viewed some guy for a few minutes out of curiosity. My usual zwift PC has a 1060 3gb in it and I fear for the little guy’s soul if this is really working as intended


This is to achieve parity with Apple TV :blush:

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That might be ok with an i5-4670 and a 970, but an i7-12700 and 4070 should be pegged at 120.


I don’t know if I should mention this or not, but an update or 2 ago I was able to use the southern desert turnaround as a loop (velodrome!). I assumed it was a byproduct of making it accessible from both directions. Does anyone with 1.51 seem to see this still?