Game Update 1.61 [March 2024]

Hello Zwifters.

Phased rollout of Zwift game version 1.61 begins today for Windows / macOS / Android platforms.
Phased rollout for tvOS / iOS begins tomorrow.

  • Introducing five new, efficient workouts between 25 and 35 minutes long in the “New Workouts” collection. Starting March 20 / 21 (depending on your local time zone), these workouts will be shown in a new collection called “New Workouts” for anyone using Zwift game version 1.61 or newer
  • Pressing the Continue button on the post-ride Streaks screen now immediately dismisses the screen.
  • When selecting a RoboPacer from the Home screen, the current location of the RoboPacer is now easier to see on the route map.
  • Improved the performance of the Zwift Tri Spoke and Disc wheelset which can be unlocked by participating in The Zwift Big Spin event.
  • Race results are now accessible via the web, offering a similar level of convenience as Zwift Companion app race results.
  • Fixed an issue where some route cards didn’t have images on the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a Did Not Finish (DNF) result when racing on routes “The Muckle Yin” in Scotland and “Legends and Lava” in Watopia.
  • Zwift Click: Fixed an issue that could cause Zwift Click to not automatically reconnect on the Pairing screen during new sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a crash when loading worlds on lower-performance mobile devices.
  • Fixed a potential issue in the Pairing screen where cycling devices could appear in Run mode and running devices could appear in Ride mode.
  • (Android, macOS) Fixed an issue that could potentially cause a crash when riding in large groups.


  • Fixed an issue which caused Android users to enter their email address twice when logging in.

UPDATE March 20

  • Phased rollout to iOS / tvOS has begun.
  • Phased rollout to Windows / macOS / Android continues.

UPDATE March 21
Game version 1…61 is fully released to all OS platforms.

Do you have any questions or issues to report? Let us know below.


Can you expand on this? I looked at someone’s race activity in my feed and it looked normal. Will there be the level of information shown in ZwiftPower?

Yeah, baby :sunglasses:


Will these ‘new workouts’ be recategorised and slotted into the existing categories after a certain time period? Another example of how filters could effectively be used - ‘Filter by: Date added’?

This is good as I don’t believe many realised this information was already shown on the homescreen when making a RoboPacer selection.

Also keen to know a bit more around this…

Glad to see this! As someone who usually warms up for 10 minutes (as a free ride) and then teleports to join a Pacer, are there any plans to add current location of RoboPacers to the teleport pop-up window? I have no idea how this could be done without adding a lot of clutter, but that’s one reason I’m not a UI designer.

yeah that could get messy… maybe just add an “oops, send me back to where I was” button when you do teleport so you can quickly return to your last spot on the map.

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I quite enjoy the jeopardy of not knowing exactly which uphill section i’ll join on. :wink: :smile:


And then immediately use the coffee break?


Nah. I try to only use a coffee break if I really do need to get off the bike, or at the very end of the ride as the first 3 minutes of my cooldown.

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I feel this!

I’m not too proud to re-teleport, if I’m not quite warmed up enough to join and get dropped from the group.

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Zwift Insider’s notes on this update, for all interested: Zwift Update Version 1.61 (127957) Released | Zwift Insider


The data shown on web will be on par with what’s shown in the race results in the Companion app. This is not a replacement of ZwiftPower by any means.

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As a message for whoever does the UX desigjn for the website - Zwiftpower has all of the information on one screen, and I can get more information on a race with a single click.
The zwift website is like the opposite of that, multiple clicks and scrolls to find information and no single pane of glass to view things.

It might look pretty, but is a step backwards in user experience for race results / user profiles etc


I despise the Zwift website feed page. Maybe I’m the only person who has this problem but websites where things jump about and resize as you scroll up and down is a personal pet hatred of mine. Plus, the endless amount of scrolling required because the information is





Not to mention I don’t understand why there are two big fat icons for each event (which take up the whole page by the way so you can only see one or two events at a time which makes navigating through the list a bit difficult). The first icon isn’t clickable but the second one is and the first icon tells you nothing that the second one doesn’t already.

The end result is the user experience is so unpleasant that I never use the feed on the website and I don’t see that adding the race results will change that.

Finally, I assume the race results on the website are being rolled out as I don’t see them yet (in Australia)?

That’s this weeks rant done. Thank you for reading.


How about making the Atomic Cruiser at least as fast as the basic Zwift steel frame.


I spoke to the team and here’s some more information from them:

  • These workouts will be in the “New Workouts” collection until April 15
  • After that, they’ll be moved into the appropriate time-based collections, as well as the All Workouts section.

Thanks for the suggestion - passed along to the team!


Getting off topic from 1.61 but if my custom workouts could be viewable (and even better, create/edit) in Companion that would be pretty nice. Probably a not-insignificant effort though.


Is that a test version of Racing Score v2 I see in the race results in my Zwift dot com feed?

I hope not, those numbers make no sense. Apparently I, a high C, have a higher score than A+ riders with higher watts and w/kg than me over the whole power curve who regularly win A races. And when I lose to people with lower scores, mine goes up.