Game Update 1.61 [March 2024]

Now things are getting interesting (the race results are now showing for me too).

Although the one race I looked at everyone in A cat had their race score go up.

In B cat 12 out of the 40 had no change and everyone else saw some gain.

In C cat there was someone with a score of 900 (the top score in A cat was 912). In D cat someone has 889 and someone else must have had their first race as their score went from 0 to 460 (the change was +460).

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There’s a weird shadow/anti-lighting effect on the ground around riders that wasn’t there before.



Rollout of version 1.61 has begun to iOS and AppleTV.

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These were visible for a few hours before being taken down, is this coming back?

Yes, web based race results will be back, minus the Racing Score part.

Ha! Guess that part wasn’t supposed to be publicly visible yet! :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Tri Spoke Wheel updated speed is very disappointing to say the least.

Is this acknowledged @shooj ?? Looks like Ultra profile maybe has the basic shadow AND the proper Ultra shadows?! Makes no sense.

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Zwift Insider published an article about them yesterday, testing the ‘performance fix’. Quoting their conclusion:

That said, there is indeed a performance hit! The aero performance of these wheels puts them mid-pack, and they’re the Lanterne Rouge in climb performance.

These wheels are now useable for relaxed rides, but we can’t recommend them for racing.

That’s what people on tablets and ATVs get to look at for shadows? The horror

No, there is no rider shadow on ATV. Which is fine by me.

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This image is ostensibly from an AppleTV, and has the dark smudges aka shadows around the bottoms of bikes.

Rollout of game v1.61 is complete.


This appears to have broken the Coffee Break function for AppleTV users (again).

You’re referring to the barely-discernible vague smudge? Ok well I certainly never ever notice that when I’m riding, and I personally would never call that a rider shadow.

Until I have a support car I will use coffee breaks for bottle filling, quick stretch, bio breaks and to make the staunch NO coffee breaks cause it’s cheating mad :blush:. Obviously a personal choice but hey we are not pros and it definitely helps when doing 100km Z2 rides. Cheers and indulge yourself, you deserve it :blush:

Yes, and now it’s sullying my glorious ultra-profile experience. @shooj @evan-zwift can you please make sure this is fixed in 1.62?


You wrote that all platforms have received the update, but my 2 iPads still don’t have it available :thinking:

you might need to manually check for the update if you don’t have it set for automatic updates.

Distribution on the App Store depends on Apple to replicate it around the world. Sometimes takes a little while after the developer publishes it.