Game Update 1.61 [March 2024]

some bugs?
Cant save if i make some changes in a workout, i press save but it doesent save???
And my rides dont saves as well, wtf???
Version 1.61

I keep checking, but still nothing. Maybe later today :woman_shrugging:

Hello, lafter last update Zwift is not connecting to my threadmill BH Fitness NYDO. Anotherr app can connect without issues.

Sounds like you might be logged in on a second device.

I had Zwift running only on one device. But I have usually companion app running on second one. I had no issues with previous Zwift version.

My apologies! I responded to the wrong comment. :man_facepalming:

Thanks for the race results add…this is actually a useful new feature for those of us that partake (in Zwift racing). :+1:

Ideas for improvement by Workout:
It would be good, if you can make own categories in your “customs workouts” and you can move easyli your workouts between the categories.
Also it would be good you can give the workouts a favourite “Star” (by own and other workouts) and this workouts are shown at first in the categories and you will see it on the Dashboard by “for you”.
And why are the “Customs Workouts” not on the Companion-App?

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It is possible to create your own categories of workout files, on Windows and Mac.

It’s absolutely amazing what you do thanks

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My 2 iPads still do not have it. Even when manually checking. My Android phone got it though.

I think it should be top class aero but very very heavy, which would make it an interesting choice sometimes.

It’s very unusual for App Store distributions to take this long, but that said - it is normal for updates to an app to take time to propagate to Apple’s servers worldwide. We checked on our end, and things on our end are looking as expected.

What might help is restarting your iOS devices. That will clear its cache and an update might all of a sudden become available.

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One very small change I would recommend is to add an indicator to the activity results listing that shows the category of the riders’ results. I understand that can be determined by selecting “View all results”, but seems there’s plenty of room in the header of the native activity results listing to put in the little A/B/C/D/E icon, and it’d save having to browse to a new page. :slightly_smiling_face:

Probably a result today’s US DOJ lawsuit against Apple and its App Store policies! :rofl: If anybody can screw up a low friction, smooth system that basically all users love it would be the US gov’t! Apple obviously needs to up its political contributions and lobbying efforts.

Hello. Please add TSS Workouts for the Companion

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This update completely broke NYC climbs on an iPad Pro M1. Game crashes or slows down to 1fps or worse. Deleting it, downloading it again, etc does nothing. iPad Pro has the latest iOS, I restarted it, and it crashes at the same point every time.


By any chance do you have Video Upload enabled on your iPad? Try disabling that feature in your game setting menu.

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Update finally arrived on both. Though, they were around 45 minutes apart on getting them. Weird. All is well now though.

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This is one of those things that Zwift has no control over. They hand the release to Apple, and from then on it’s 100% up to Apple to get it to you. Mac/PC download directly from Zwift so those are never delayed.

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