Watopia Expansion [October 2023]

After four long years, Watopia is expanding!

We are excited to bring you the long awaited Watopia Map expansion. This coastal expressway connects you around the island in record time, from Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle.

Starting on October 25, you can explore the new routes offered in Watopia or wait until October 30th to jump in with Stage 5 of Tour of Watopia.

The Watopia expansion will begin rolling out with the phased release of game update 1.51 starting October 25, 2023. While these routes will be available to ride on demand, they will only count towards Stage 5 starting October 27, 2023 @ 15:00 UTC. Group events for Stage 5 will begin October 30, 2023 @ 05:00 UTC.

** To see the new routes, please make sure your Zwift app version is up to date. You can learn more about checking your Zwift app version here.**

To learn more about Tour of Watopia, click here.

Be on the lookout for Googie Springs, the Evergreen Coast, Ciudad de La Cumbre, Sandy Coast, and the Mayan Passage! There will be eight new routes to explore across five new biomes. The routes are:

  • Coast Crusher
  • The Big Ring
  • Accelerate to Elevate
  • Shorelines and Summits
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Going Coastal
  • Temple Trek
  • Canopies and Coastlines

Learn more about the routes here.

Each new route will earn you a route badge featuring a totally awesome new look! Once Tour of Watopia ends, the routes will be level locked for Zwifters that have yet to reach level 10 (free ride only). The new Watopia routes will made available for free rides, Clubs and Meetups upon launch.

To learn more about the new Watopia Map Expansion, check out the main page here or the FAQ here.

The Watopia Expansion will be level locked for users under Level 10 starting with the roll out of Zwift Game version 1.53, which begins November 21, 2023.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. See you in Watopia!


some of these links are working yet – specifically the page about the expansion and the page about the routes.

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getting 404 on the learn more about these routes here link

Hey @Dan_Dube & @Rich - Thanks for flagging. We are looking into this now :slight_smile:

Curious choices of point-to-point routes. But yay new roads!!

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The links for the web page are now working! We are soo excited for you to see the newest additions to Watopia!!!


A new road update should be sent out to all members.
Not rollled out.


It is always this way with updates. Google play and Apple dictate when the update can be pushed out hence a slight delay for Android and iOS/TVOS


Everybody will have it within 48hrs. I’m not sure in the grand scheme of things it’s an issue of great concern.

Give it a few weeks and nobody will remember what day they got it.


I disagree
You add roads to Watopia for the fitst time in four years but only a few can ride them

I completely feel this should be live for everyone


It will be very soon. If you’re one of the first to get it will you not ride it until everybody has it?

The rollout is done so that should issues be found the rollout can be paused having affected only a few rather than everyone.


In other games when an update is live. It is live.


Was Scotland rolled out or introduced at once?

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I can’t remember, it was quite a while ago. Which kind of proves my point.


Get it out to all Now @marblehead Give me all the routes now.

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That is not the point

The point is this is a big deal.
But certain people can’t access them.

Soft roll it instead of making the big fan fair social media posts if you want to test it

Although it should be trsted prior to release

Congratulations ZHQ, properly looking forward to these new roads in Watopia.

Really would love to see a sharp “singletrack” climb up the side of Epic some day!

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I’m pretty sure Scotland was a single release. I say that as someone who appears to be at the tail-end of the phased release schedule every damn time. I thought it might be randomised a bit but I guess there’s some methodology being followed which means we all tend to remain at the same point on the schedule.


Nope Colin. It’s completely random. Trouble is you can’t monitor it unless you know the exact time the rollout starts and then the exact time you are eligible to get it.

For example you might get the rollout available at 11pm one night or 7am the next day. If you don’t ride until 10am you wouldn’t know that it was available 11hrs or 3hrs prior.