This Season on Zwift [September 2023]

This Season On Zwift, we’ve got a number of exciting new and requested features teed up for release over the next few months:

Watopia Expansion:
Coming October 2023
The long awaited Watopia expansion is nigh! We’re adding a new coastal expressway that will take Zwifters from one part of the island to the other in record time! The new stretch of road introduces eight new routes that circumnavigate the island and offers more flat, longer route options from the Fuego Flats to the Mayan Jungle, bypassing the Epic KOM.

Crit City:
Coming Fall 2023!
We’re gamifying the fastest course in Zwift! This event-only world, built for criterium-style races, will now have a gamified mode that adds boost pads and hazards to the map, making Zwift races more dynamic and fun. Get ready for some short, fast, and action-packed races!

Repack Rush:
Coming Fall 2023!
Repack Rush was the first map in Zwift to offer time bonuses, as well as boost pads and hazards. Now you can race down this gamified course in multiplayer mode, going head-to-head with other Zwifters. Try different strategies to win; the Zwifter with the fastest time – after deductions – wins each heat!

Tour of Watopia:
Launching October 2023
The tour to level you up faster. Boost your fitness while you unlock new gear, keeping your avatar looking fresh. Your hard work is rewarded with double XP, taking you to the next level faster than a sprint! And new this year, you can check off each stage on-demand!

Zwift Racing Score:
Next Phase - Late November!
Find the right race for you with Zwift Racing Score! This objective measure helps Zwifter find how they compare to their peers and provides a simpler way to sign up for competitive events that match their abilities!

Coming later this year:
Zwift Academy: November 2023!
Zwift Companion Update - Workout Discovery: November 2023!

To learn more about all of the features included in This Season on Zwift, check out the main page or refer to the FAQ.

Stay tuned as the features are released for more details!

Is there really a total overhaul of ZRS coming in 2 months, or did nobody tell marketing about it being shut down yesterday? Suggestion, given how poorly ZRS was received a new name would be a good idea.

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Ok. What about clubs? Rubberbanding?

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Great that new roads are coming to watopia. There are too many maps these days. One good thing to come out of the break with UCI will hopefully be a focus on existing maps rather than new ones. Watopia is still the most popular map so it’s great that we are getting more expansion there. Great work Zwift.


Since the one new road is going to the jungle, will the jungle be paved?


@manda_F I know all of this is ‘Coming Zoon!’, but (presuming the graphic is correct) why, WHY, would Zwift put the terminus of this new road at the bottom of the Jungle Loop? Not only does this mean that riders using this, who are likely looking for a flat route, now have to do a climb (unless they U-turn, I suppose), but they have to do it in the jungle, perhaps the most loathed part of Watopia (since the rolling resistance changes were implemented).

Why not make a ‘connection’ into the jungle, but also continue the road all the way around the AdZ and connect back near the Spruce Goose? Maybe this will be another expansion at some point in the future (maybe along with some additional climbs to the top of the AdZ and/or Epic KOM), but I just wonder what sort of traffic this route will get when you are putting people into the Jungle. Adding an additional flat road around the ‘sandy’ part of Fuego Flats might be a better avenue.


Ha, this is the first thing I thought. It looks like we’re getting more ways to get to the jungle (guess it depends how many of the 8 new routes continue on into the jungle), which I don’t think is what people meant when they wanted longer routes. Maybe they can also build a jungle by-pass or something :slight_smile:

Until then we can call it the “Welcome to the Jungle” expansion :slight_smile:


So, does this mean we’ll also get a longer Pretzel route that contains the new road? If so, what will it be called I wonder? The Giga Pretzel? Uber Mega Pretzel?

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Love it!

If nothing else, maybe they will make this section of road look like the Ligurian coast.



So the new coastal route connects to Fuego Flats via the southern turnaround — could we not do that? just because that means you can only enter the expansion coming from the desert north. That pains my soul :laughing:. Not really, but could you just skooch the Fuego connection to one side or the other of the turnaround? Or just make the turnaround have 2-way access. Otherwise it kills access if you don’t want to do turnarounds!

Other than that… thank you for all this new stuff! Yay- climb portal will have more options. Yay- new roads. Yay- better ZRS. Yay- workouts searchable on ZCA.


Some good changes there - new roads are always good - hoping that the next one will be a continuation of the new road to allow a loop around AdZ and back to the Marina to allow a long flatish loop (Maybe with a couple of detours available to provide shorter climbs around AdZ)


Super looking forward to Watopia being expanded; I’d love to see other zones get expanded as well, like Tempus and Titans (there is plenty of room!)

Would also be nice to see a shorter loop to this new “pacific northwest” loop (that’s what I’m calling it at least, definitely gives me that northwest US coast vibe).

as I’m expecting a solid loop from the Road to Sky pens up and around probably in the upper 20 mile range. But a nice solid loop around Epic mountain would be nice.

Epic Bypass is still my favorite road in Watopia; I wish more routes offered it!



I love this idea! Just curious, you said that there will be 8 routes with up to only 48 km (29.8 miles)?
While I love the new expansion idea, I’m thinking we’re missing another Pretzel just like the Uber Pretzel but adding the Titans Grove, Bypasses, and this new road which should be closer to 80-100 miles? Just a thought of adding a pretzel with ALL of Watopia.

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Yes! More pretzelz!

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@manda_F Will this be an option for Club group rides as well? That would be fun to have a race against your friends every once in a while, though I guess you can just have everyone meet up at the Rush and do it that way.

@manda_F route based workouts were announced a year ago, when will those be ready?

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Here’s how I think we’ll enter the new roads via fuego flats…
…and if you’re coming from Titans Grove.
So no matter where you’re coming from, you can still navigate to the expansion.

@manda_F What happened to the “Climb Portal Updates” the official press release mentions? I do hope that they are still coming because the Climb Portal could use some love, so offering more than two climbs per month and enabling riders to choose if they want to ride 100%, 50% or 25% of elevation is great.