Zwift teasing Tokyo expansion with "Olympic" rings?

New roads soon, I assume. This week? I haven’t seen a Min ride on Strava yet.

We all know Tokyo is coming… Be nice if they they pushed out some new roads in Watopia \ London aswell.

In fact, Build another Island next to Watopia and add in real world elements to this. Tokyo, Flanders watopia mix up be nice…


Yeah, we know it’s coming, but this seems to indicate they’re coming this week or next.

I agree about adding more to Watopia. I’m not a fan of the separate worlds at all.

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What’s the announcer say? “The next stop is…”

Edit: oh, it’s ‘An Ancient Land’, as per the map. Couldn’t see it on the low-res Twitter video!

Zwift’s software drops are often scheduled during the 3rd week of the month - so should be later this week. Not long to wait.

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I’m not really either, I’d prefer they expanded existing ones rather than adding more smaller ones. Or find a way of linking them together so you can ride straight from one to the other.


hmmmmmmm, an ancient land… is tokyo an ancient land?

Without any research whatsoever I’d say it was a pretty common description of Japan in general, yeah. It’s a country with a very long history.

My guess is it will be out wednesday or today. Most likely wednesday because they avoid Zwift racing league days and thursdays and fridays.

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World of Zwift also had inside line which I think that they only use on the week of updates. There was also some weird functions on his drop shop… revoke buttons, one million drop buttons, and more…

Yeah, I saw those. I assume it’s a special employee-only build or some extra buttons that can be enabled on an account by account basis.

Being on the “My Garage” screen it looked like he’d only be able to affect his own account though. Must be nice to be able to give yourself a million drops for no effort. :smiley:


I do hope that the “ancient land” (all lands are ancient unless, say, they’ve been newly raised from the sea by seismic action) is a reference to Tokyo having an ancient rather than modern theme. If so, I will be very happy.


I’d like it to be like the France map - a made up place that looks a bit French - so then it can be tacked onto watopia or even onto France. So then you can seamlessly ride from one to the other.

the small worlds get boring really quick.

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Seen that screen before during live broadcasts, where they’ve clearly been awarding bikes etc to pros who haven’t earned them with their actual Zwift account.

It’s not what you know, but who you know… :smiley:


yes, certain pro races had a required bike that all participants had to use, and if they didn’t have it they were gifted the bike frame.


New York
Crit City


Another cheeky tease at the bottom of the zwift run series email! :thinking:


With the alt text /filename “iscalling”. Japan is calling. :smiley:


looks like Japan is confirmed then?