Giro d'Italia New World

(Vice) #1

Just read this. But I can’t help to be a little disappointed that it is coming as an independent world as opposed to an expansion to say watopia. It would be nice to be able to connect the roads being added here with some others to create a different route.

I wonder what others think?

Are you happy with this being it’s own world vs an expansion of an existing one?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

I think there is a place for seperate worlds, watopia is getting really big and navigating around the islands is getting complicated.

(Dan) #3

8.2km seems really tiny?

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(Vice) #4

I thought the same. I guess if the plan is to keep adding to this one it might ok?

(Johnathan) #5

I’ve heard it’s an event only course. Just like Richmond, it’s been hard coded so you can’t go backwards on it.

(Tony) #6

I think awesome! To be able to ride a virtual version of the same TT route the pro’s are riding in the Giro is very cool. I think when we ride it, it will put into perspective just how fast and powerful the pro really are.

I have been Zwifting since approx. September of 2018. I totally fell in love with it this winter. It’s releases like this that make me go Wow! Can’t wait to see what comes next.

(Alfonso) #7

I’m hoping that they’ll expand on it. Maybe include some of the more famous stages of the race.

(Kristof) #8

“complicated”? Really? Do you ever ride outside? The larger Watopia becomes, the better! The freedom to choose your own way in a big world, to choose your own variations of roads, thats what makes it more fun and ensures that it does not become monotonous and boring.

(Vice) #9

I think exactly the same thing. 1 Big world with a lot of choices would be what I’d prefer.

(Jens) #10

I fully agree with you. I’m going to ride it the same day the pro’s are riding it so i can compare myself with them. It’s an awesome feat they got this track out in the open the day the stage happens. That’s really an awesome feat and got me really excited.

And i think it’s great it’s not part of Watopia, since this is a REAL WORLD track. Watopia is fictive, so it should be weird to see this track added to Watopia. I hope they will add some more Giro d’italia tracks now they partnered up with them to this world. Or maybe a Milan San Remo or Strade Bianchi track.

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(Sébastien) #11

Same as everyone … I’m so excited to ride at the same time as the pros.
With the first pictures, I thought it was Richmond … but it would be ridiculous to add it there.
Probably a new world :slight_smile:
Hâte de découvrir ça !
Look forward to discovering that!

(Mike ) #12

Nice to have more tarmac but seems like a lot of development time has gone into something so short which won’t be ridden that much as it’s an event only route. Will only be short events too as doesn’t look like it’s a loop.

(Andre) #13

@Kristof: I absolutely agree, the bigger the better. Looking forward to the next expansion.

(Neil) #14

Feel this is just a UCI marketing gimmick. Sure it’s great to have new roads but look at the social media posts, people soon get bored of the “other worlds” not everyone…but the majority. I’m sure this will be great to race which is why it will be event only.

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(Vice) #15

The Alpe is essentially a “real world road” just the surrounding landscape is not. I could have seen this added as a part of an Italian village somewhere in watopia.

(Chris) #16

yeah i agree - I’d like to be able to define a custom route before I start or at least combine a few pre existing ones - volcano flat, couple of laps of the volcano then up the volcano and back to start for example.

(Barry) #17

Some more screenshots are available on the Team Cryo-Gen (Zwift racing team, who just happens to be recruiting)

(Joe) #18

The difference is, in the real world you don’t have to think about reaching for your keyboard or tapping on a screen with sweaty fingers while a ‘turn timer’ ticks away. You just turn your bike and go.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to navigate the roads in Zwift, it isn’t. But choosing your own way in real-time requires more forethought and can be distracting (if not impossible) when you’re in the middle of a tough workout compared to navigating outside.

(Johnathan) #19

Which is why it would be really nice to have the option to design our own custom routes. Plan it out in advance and let the avatar navigate as we want without putting our sweaty paws on the keyboard.

(Z Kryder) #20

I think it is better as an independent world. First time a segment is it’s own world and not part of other worlds like Wat Island. Event only is the odd bit. I just hope we can ride our own TT bike and not just the Zwift TT.

Don’t be surprised if Zwift keeps developing parts of Italy, France, and Spain.