Make Giro TT course available permanently and in Watopia and not just Event Only

Rode it today and was totally awesome,great work:

  • Figured it would be great for hilly repeats
  • Logical extension to the Italian Villas section
  • Good tough way to end a ride
  • Maximise ROI of Dev time from Zwift point of view, as well as partners, Bologna etc


It sounds like it will be around for the long term. However, it is a separate world, not part of Watopia.

From May 11th to June 2nd, Zwifters can ride the course to unlock some sweet in-game rewards.

TT races will be held on the new course for the duration of this year’s Giro. After that time, the course will be available for events (and perhaps free riding?) like other Zwift worlds. Eric Min says,

The Bologna course will live on long beyond the start … and allow many more people around the world to experience a small part of this historic city.

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Hi there,

Ah I didn’t see the Zwift Insider thing / the official comms from Zwift as per 1st link gave the impression to me that it was only available until 2nd June / end of the Giro ?

If separate world, does that mean it will get added to the rotation / be only available on certain days (like, London , New York etc) ?

Changed the title of this request to reflect :slight_smile:

Separate world means that it will not be part of Watopia, Innsbruck, NYC, etc… But being that it is only 8.2km, I cannot imagine that it would be in the current world rotation. It is too small, unless Zwift has additional expansion in mind. As it is now, I imagine it will be an event course that race organizers can choose to use.

Yep, the feature request is to add to Watopia.

Would be good to get an answer from Zwift, but they don’t seem very active here


Does seem odd to put so much development time into a new course and then limit it’s ability to be ridden. Could easily integrate into Watopia, such as around the Italian Village.


I vote for making it permanent. Having it in a separate world doesn’t bother me. Make one stage every year for Giro!

Zwift already stated it is separate. They won’t come on the forum and tell you it is a bad idea. They have already discussed it and decided which way is best. It links the UCI and the Giro with Zwift.
Besides, there isn’t enough room for an 8 km section to add to the Italian village. At least one doesn’t have to be level 25 to ride it. After you ride it, give us a shout. I’ll bet you like it.
What of Harogate? Should it be it’s own world or linked into London map? Won’t be announced for a few months.

let me take your points :

  • “They wont come on forum and say its a bad idea”
    Not looking for that , would just like some indication that ideas feature requests have been reviewed and if possible and indication of whether possible / planned./ rough eta. I work in IT / Software Dev and this is a pretty common approach from software companies, e.g.

“They have already discussed and decided which way is best”
Really ? thanks !!! I am providing feedback , as a CUSTOMER, that i want something different , that is the whole point of this forum is it not ?

“not enough room in Italian village”
Its software, not real, make /code some room !..The Giro route is a dead end , just needs to be a option / turning out of the Italian Villas



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I guess not my best day. Sorry for that attitude.

What I mean is Zwift team certainly considers what we want and decide . They often don’t preview what’s next. There are good reasons why some ideas sound good but just aren’t on the table just now. (like velodrome requests)

Kona is a great idea. But I can’t see a 90 km out and back course. Lots of flat options. Same with runners Could they build a full Boston or NY 26 mile course? But will they?

I’m sure they are some who would use it and love it.

But from a business perspective, would you create a 40 km time trial road and a marathon course or make one 4 km/2.5 mile volcano lap? And one can set their trainer so they ride without climbing resistance.

As I said zwifters who want a tri course should contact their organizations and ask them to come on board as sponsors.