Bologna TT

Hello. Is it possible to make the bologna TT a permanent fixture in the Zwift world? I have yet to be able to ride it and the times that it’s available never work for me in my time zone.

I have the same frustration. I managed to get on to Time Trial Tuesday last night 19:00 BST which was on Bologna. Stayed in world after the finish of the event to do another 2 repeats. Brutal!

Obvously it is a tiny world and many would not use it but it is great for a focussed threshold/ climbing session which cuts out too much flat road which you can get in Watopia between climbs.

Not to question having the Bologna TT being a permanent fixture in the Zwift world … but you can do hill repeats on any climb. Repeats to the Radio Tower, for instance.

I could. However the Radio Tower requires a 15-20 minute climb to get there and if you want to spin up the legs before that work a longer intro. The RT climb is also a bit short for a threshold effort for me.

Bologna is 10 minutes flatish warm up, 10 minutes climbing, a couple of minutes recovery then back to climbing again.

It’s all about having choice.

Yeah - it’d be cool to run this TT whenever you wanted. +1 from me

Would be cool to have it somewhere around the Italien villas. We could race laps on Watopia with a nice finish up that hill to the finish line…

That would be super awesome. I think the issue with connecting worlds though is that it messes up Strava files. It’s a solvable issue, but with limited bandwidth, I think the Zwift is keeping the worlds separated. That’s why when you join an event it starts a new file/ride.

Someday it’d be cool to have all the courses linked somehow.

Bologna should have been added to Watopia from the beginning like they did it with the desert route or AdZ both work well with Strava. For me, Bologna is just to small to be a separated world and on the other hand it is just to beautiful to not use it more often. Maybe Zwift has other plans who knows?

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I do the next best thing. I do what I call a Five World Ride, doing the shortest lap on each world with about ten minutes in between Five is plenty to do. Challenging, for sure.