Bologna Request

Hi, Zwift.
Just a simple idea: can we please have Bologna as a guest world?
Here are reasons why I feel why:

  1. Because it’s an event world I haven’t found time to ride it much because it’s an event world I can’t select it for a custom event or workout and the thing about events is that they’re “time crunched.”
  2. There was a time last year where I was going to ride it but got into an event and at about half way through the climb section by bike fell of the trainer so I feel I have to kind of “redeem” myself (not on your part, Zwift, just forgot to put a part in when locking my bike on the trainer).
  3. I know you make the smaller worlds event worlds (like Crit City, for example) but even people have gotten around to ride CRIT City in a free ride via event hack. Plus, Bologna is no shorter and in fact, is actually longer than Paris which IS a guest world (Paris is 4 miles and Bologna is 13 miles - 6.6 one way, so it’s actually comparable to RGV in France which is slightly longer at 15 miles [for round trip] and the Flat Route in Watopia [one way]) Also, I don’t know your plans: maybe you secretly have this planned in the future ,maybe since Italy was partially in the TdF, just like Paris and France were reassigned to be guest worlds after the TdF 2020.
    Please share your thoughts.

Yes and later attach the Stelvio.

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Also, one reason I feel strong about this is because I did sign up for a ride at 11:45 AM (MDT) but if we make it into a guest map we could ride it anytime of the day and also not have to worry about missing our events. I’m not going to miss it but on the other hand sometimes you wake up and are just waiting for the time of your ride (for me right now it’s 8:57 AM) I’ll do something while I’m waiting but it’s just the fact that events do have their cons.

Is this what you mean? That would make the world VERY BIG because they’re far apart.

Also the person who made Zwiftmap (not calling you out, just showing something that may need fixing) may need to adjust the routing numbers to be correct because the out and back wasn’t 13 miles, it was around 10. Still bigger than Paris so don’t see why it couldn’t be a guest map.

London and Box Hill are not a two minute bike ride apart. Literal maps are meaningless in a virtual world.

Yea, I see what you mean.

I once thought mt Fuji would be nice, but it is such a boring long climb. The Stelvio was hard. Anything under an hour is impossible and it has real teeth.

Do you mean over an hour. Anything under an hour could mean 1 minute, 1 second, or millisecond. Also I still think Fuji would be cool. Maybe Zwift will add all the assents to make it interesting for us. For me, it’s not ALL about the road turns (although that does make it more interesting) The grade is straight up for half of it but it’s still a good climb because of the scenery. Just my opinion, though. I think any new roads are welcome.

And also, they’re not straight all the way The one that’s mostly straight is the one on the east side of the mountain (last picture). And Japan is an interesting country with the Cherry Blossom Trees and other sights. I doubt it will be boring.

Here are some pictures from each assent. I think the sentry is great. Lots of trees!