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Hi, I was just thinking of a challenge I wanted to do in the future (maybe summer 2024 when we have school off more). I was thinking of doing a challenge with a TdZ twist to it where I ride every world on Zwift as that day’s leg but maybe doing centuries each day (so like the TdZ but each day I do a century on that map. ex: leg 1: Watopia, leg 2: Richmond etc.)
I know it’s a long ways out but just wanted to make sure I had permission in advance to do this due to Zwift’s guest world feature and just in case I can’t find a group of people I know who want to join me but so I can still do it. Also I’d like to add Crit City and Bologna in there (and maybe Zwift’s possible guest map for 2024 because I’m guessing we might have a new map by then) so for those I’d have to find an event which I found are pretty frequently. Just planning ahead for some crazy future ideas and just wanted to get your thoughts.

My first thought is “a century in Bologna?!” Bit climby?

Well, if you think about it. It’s actually only 2 miles/lap of climbing and since it’s an out and back. That means the climb only lasts for 2 out of the 13-mile out and back so it’s not as bad as some would think. And no, I’m not trying to be caught cheating, in fact all I found on the internet as cheating was weight doping. I just thought of doing a Zwift century challenge in the future w/o doing worlds twice if the calendar doesn’t change for 2 or more days and it might be hard to find those who want to do it with me. My intentions are NOT BAD!

Bologna and Crit City are the only ones I’d have to find events for.

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Not flat but DEFINITELY NOT what could be. I’ve seen hillier!

For sure. I was thinking there was much more vertical there. Couldn’t find it in the Companion app to verify!

You can actually ride in Crit City yourself. Just make a club of just yourself, and you can create a club event on Bell Lap.
But 80-90 laps sounds like torture… :joy:

You can also join an event in Crit City between 31-59 minutes before it starts. It will put you in the world doing a free ride, not in the pen. At 30 minutes before the event it would put you in the pen.

What I’m mostly asking is if it’s legal to use the workout world hack for free ride. Just want to make sure I’m safe but also for a challenge like this or when I just feel like it I don’t want the same world scheduled for 2 or more days in a row so I can go straight to:
Day 1: Watopia
Day 2: Richmond
Day 3: London
…and so forth!
…WITHOUT being banned from Zwift.

Also sometimes the guest world isn’t trustable because some days the calendar will say MI/NYC and the actual choices are France/Paris.

If you create your own club, you can access any of the worlds at any time (except Bologna) and create a club event to enter them — this is completely permissible within all Zwift rules. You won’t be using the world hack at all that way. That said, I’ve never heard of anyone being banned from Zwift for using it but others might know more about that.


why would they ban you?

I do it a lot.

I have a custom workout saved that is about 15 seconds long, when it ends just free ride for as long as you like

Maybe I’m just thinking it’s against the social rules of Zwift, and besides if you look at the photo I posted:

it shows that there are still about 100 people in each map so I think it’s decently populated (not like there’s 1-20 people in each world)

yeah, there are always people on all the worlds, nothing wrong with doing it at all.

there are events on worlds not on rotation, meet ups on them, people doing workouts etc

This is what I was thinking of doing sometime in the future. Sort of like a virtual cycling trip/tour where I do all the maps.

The Grand Loop is what I call the loop (rebel route) that doesn’t exist YET that would take me though the desert, onto the Coastal Expressway being released next month, through the jungle, up the ADZ, continues jungle loop, around the volcano, and back through the desert.

Why not do the full PRL route in London and get the badge for it?

It’s not that hilly in reality & approx same distance.


Also, PRL Full is used for the Zwift Insider Epic Series in a group ride on January 20-21. Having a few wheels to draft would help it go by a lot faster.

Yeah, that makes more sense! I’ll do that!

-Updated with PRL Full-

Now INNSBRUCK, THAT’S going the be the REAL CHALLENGE! Even Watopia’s not as much (because it’s just one big climb every 46 miles-about)

2.5~km, but a better measurement would be time spent on the climb… at threshold pace it works out about 1/3 of total time on course spent climbing, give or take. it’s really quite steep. but certainly doable either way, good luck brother.