Bologna report

Just rode the full out and back for the first time. (Did 4 reps so 40 miles) Great course, Zwift! Those hills are no joke!!! Great and Tough Workout!!!

Hi @Kirk_Schroeder, Welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift.

I really appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm for Zwift. If you are interesting in discovering routes, please take a look at this article to learn more about our worlds and cycling routes.

I hope you continue enjoying Zwift. I encourage you to take a look at this link​​, there you can see some of the things we have in store for the coming months Zwift.

Ride On.

Thank you. I was just giving feedback.

I’ve seen this. You probably saw my Bologna request forum (no assumption) on the thought of making it a guest world. I know it’s not coming this season but it was just an idea for the future (maybe next one because Italy was part of the TdF, also again, I’m not trying to convince you to tell me your plans past this season, just an idea).