Request to Make Bologna Available for Clubs and Meetups

It seems that Bologna route is not available in meet ups and club events. Unless there is a practical reason for it not to be, I’d like to request that it be added.

My personal self-serving interest is that it is the first course for the upcoming Zwift Women’s Racing Series in April and we have a group that would like to do a recon ride before that. Unfortunately, Bologna is so unpopular that I when went on Zwifthacks, I found zero upcoming planned rides on this route.

Thanks in advance for considering it.

I think there are still other event only routes that also aren’t available to meetups and clubs. What is the reasoning behind restricting the access? All routes should be available.


Handful of Gravel is another one that comes to mind.


Another is Crit City - you can only do the course in one direction on Clubs and not at all on Meetups.


I think my club would prefer something harder than bologna. Like a nice salami or longaniza.


I wonder if it’s because it’s so short. Fitting 1000+ Zwifters into 5 miles (10 if you count the return direction) seems… crowded.
Put it inside another world like Watopia, though :wink:, and it would not be so.

Density of riders would not affect its use in club events or meetups in any way. There would not be 1000+ riders on the route if that’s all they did.

Good point.

That’s my favorite route. I would just ride that route if it was available like that. It’s the perfect miserable clime; you drop dead right at the top every time, and the route is pretty. I thought they would make it a full world. It’s probably snaking roads, bumping hills, and complex architecture everywhere since it’s such an old city to drive the programmers crazy.