Why is Bologna used so little

I use Zwift a lot, I’m about to tick over level 33, and yet I’ve still never ridden on the Bologna course, in fact never even seen a race/event listed as being on it on Companion at the time I look. I’m sure I could search out an event if I tried but I tend to just pick the most suitable event or race (and I don’t race lots). If I did see a race on Bologna at about the right time I would pick it just to give it a go. I’ve been to Crit City quite a lot, and see it listed all the time; and if I understand correctly it’s roughly the same idea (an event only course). Why is Bologna used so little or an I just really unlucky?

I’ve done Bologna once as a group event and seen plenty of TT races om that course. There is one today, I just saw it looking through my companion app.
Have you tried to use the filter on events?
Set it to TT only and maybe it’s easier to find them?

Bologna is hilly so the fat cruiser-sprinters hate it. Hence not a popular event course. There was a big event there just a couple of days ago (zwift classics) but you have to be on the right facebook groups to even know about it, it wasn’t even listed on the companion app.

It was a YouTube stream of that event (I think) that made me think of it.

@Mika, thanks I know I could find one but I was just wondering if they’d ever been an explanation of why there are so few.

Hills could be partly it, I do see people moan about hills in events but then there are plenty of races on KOM after party’s, alpe and Ventop. At 67kg I’m not so worried :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can search Events on ZwiftHacks, filter on “Bologna” and “Ride” for group rides on Bologna. Just one currently. Bologna is a route we book every few weeks for a group ride. Is fun to climb, but great fun to regroup at the top and roll down as a group, firing the wattzooka as you switch from one side of the central walkway to other … 122kph my best to date.


AND we can book multiple lap events. While it will only allow you to book Laps=1, if you book the event by distance, you can book as many as you want. We did 5.5 laps, or 6 climbs in May to celebrate the Giro.

Make sure you aren’t filtering out TTs- it being a replica of a TT course, and it being one of the two courses that the TT module actually works on, most events held on Bologna are TTs. I’m sure there are multiple TT’s per week on there.
I’ve done 2 lap road race on Bologna before - was very interesting, though I was last.

I’d like to see it used more; I really like it but when I did the Zwift Classics on Tuesday it was the first time I’d ridden it since December, because it doesn’t come up that often.

Yes, had a look using the ZwiftHacks website, just went to show how little it’s used, seems a waste

I like it!

It is a good short lunch time workout with a warm up and cool down, a good power test, or warm up for another event.