Riding Bologna Course

Hi there,

Saw this new course announced with interest, and then ended up having to spend last weekend in hospital and was unable to take part in the events. Is there a way to access and ride this course? I note that it is classed as an event only route, which is fair enough for a small additional course, but there don’t appear to be any events scheduled on that route to take part in.

Are there plans for more events to take place on that course? Is it left up to Zwift users now to organise events in Bologna? Am I missing something simple?


I wouldn’t say it’s intuitive or simple to find upcoming events in Bologna. Best way I’ve found is to put ‘time trial lap’ into the ‘search all text’ box on ZwiftHacks.

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ZwiftPower has a quick search you can select on the right side which lists out the Bologna course events.

Has anyone tried the world hack on this yet? I think it’s world number 6.

OK, thanks all.

I’ll take a look at those methods.


I was surprised how well Bologna worked out as a as a group ride. Definitely a shorter alternative to a road to sky route or something like that if you are looking for elevation in your group ride.

Also you can stay and play, maybe group ride it at a lower w/kg and then hammer it second time around to smash a PR. Go Giro.

Edit: Despite the course name on ZwiftHacks, Zwiftpower, or Zwift, there are many rides which do not require and stipulate the use of TT bike frame, some exclude it. Go figure. None the less enjoy Giro. ahh rest day.