Gravel Mountain and Event Worlds

I’m just wondering, I’ve seen posts about Gravel Mtn but it’s NEVER been used in events. When will we be able to ride it, also is it possible to make all the event worlds on the guest schedule like: Crit City and Bologna especially Bologna because there are VERY FEW races with it that I can find and would like to ride it? This is just an idea that crossed my mind.

Gravel Mountain is an unreleased world. I don’t they’ve said anything about releasing it at all.

Bologna has regular events:

I think James mentioned that the really small worlds are not in rotation because they are too small to accommodate the traffic. I agree it would be nice to be able to ride Bologna even if just in a workout or club event which wouldn’t be affected by having too many riders packed in the space.

That’s ok, I’m mainly just wondering if we’ll EVER be able to ride it.

Another solution is for Zwift to make Bologna available for club events because the ONLY club event available world is Crit City. That way we could make events on our own timing (or make them available for meetups?)

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Surprised you find the time to use Zwift with all the new posts :smiley:

Just joking …but obviously theres LOTS already in Zwift to enjoy. Try completing every available route as a challenge. By then, be some new ones :wink: