What happend with Gravel Mountain?

Some time ago, there was hope for a world for graveler (Gravel Mountain). Is there any information on what happened with that?
See here the preview of Gravel Mountain

Call it unbound world and release it as is, looks quite nice and keep all the gravel in one world where people will likely want to ride it. Load of potential and work going to waste…

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Woah; I had genuinely no idea it actually existed as a fleshed out modeled world in Zwift.
I only assumed it was a non-graphical testbed for testing rolling resistance.

That’s a shame it never came out.
Would’ve been great for gravel/MTB specific races

As much as folks seem to hate having to go through 1.5 or now 4km of Jungle though I can kind of understand why; Zwift doesn’t like putting out roads that nobody wants to ride on; which is probably what happened here.

(Meanwhile we have roads that we literally aren’t allowed to ride on, staring at you Bologna)

I read somewhere it was a prototype of the latest Makuri expansion. It’s very similar to the route Island Outskirts.

Gravel Mountain is the code name for a new experiential event-only map developed by our game team as they explore new ways to build maps and worlds with greater efficiency. As an experiential map, Zwift will be hosting invite-only events to test this map for stability and eventually, new features. While we are unable to confirm when this map will be broadly available, we’re excited about what this new, faster, iterative approach means for Zwift and for map innovation in the future.

from Zwiftinsider

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