MTB and Gravel?

Since repack ridge is gone we don’t have any MTB trail in Watopia right now, neither the gravel map was launched, and my question is, we will have a gravel and MTB (basically off-road, like repack ridge) expansion for Watopia any time soon? It will be nice because loads of mountain bikers and gravel riders ise Zwift for training. Please!

Probably not, because there is so much hatred of gravel roads. Personally I like the variety of surfaces including gravel, but if you look at how they handled the Makuri expansion (sand that’s as fast rolling as tarmac) and the fact that they recently added a rare gravel climb in Scotland, I’m guessing they are not eager to get more complaints from people who want more pretend speed. People are still out of their minds about the change to dirt roads in the Jungle. I have no inside information about this, it’s just a guess.

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I would also add that MTB trails on Zwift really don’t replicate IRL MTBing at all and if you want to train specifically for MTB you can do that with multiple workout options in ERG mode. You don’t “need” an off road trail on Zwift to accomplish this.

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Yeah, true, but with MTB trail I meant something like repack ridge was