New Route Suggestions

While we just got a few new routes what event routes or suggestions would people like to see added?
I loved Stage 5 Long Route. Two loops around volcano and then the volcano KOM. Perfect combination of flattish loops before the KOM.
Please make this a Route. 25 miles and 900 vert.

It actually already is a route. It’s just an event-only route (like all the other routes used for stage 5).

I mean become an everyday route to ride at leisure. If the other stage 5 routes were fan favorites why not make them new routes as well. Are there others people enjoy that you can’t ride everyday?

Well, I suppose that depends what you mean by ‘enjoy’. Both of the routes in Crit City are ‘event only’, as is the Bologna course. The various Zwift Fondo routes are also ‘event only’, as is Watopia’s Wasteband. There might be others, but those are the ones that come to my head at the moment. I know there have been a number of requests to make Watopia’s Wasteband a user-selectable option, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Also, keep in mind that, outside of Bologna and Crit City, you can, technically, ride any of these routes whenever you would like; it would just require some manual turns. And you could ride Bologna or Crit City as a ‘free ride’ by entering an event and then quitting as soon as it starts. There aren’t a lot of roads in either of those worlds, and you’d be somewhat limited by having to ride at the time an event is starting, but you could do it if you wanted.

Bologna and Crit City I’m okay being their own thing. I’m more asking user selectable routes you’ve either created yourself, Zwift event only route or whatever. Something to add as a Route Achievement and everyday selection. While I can do the double loop and KOM I’d prefer to select and ride mindlessly.
Good tips on Bologna and Crit! Love Crit and need to try Bologna still.

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User selected routes would be nice.
Just save a series of manual turns on your local machine.

There’s not much to the Bologna world but, if you don’t already have it, it’s a GREAT place to go for that 100km/h badge!

Bologna can be chosen as a meetup location?

No it can’t, but you can join an event there and once it starts quit the event but remain in the world.