Event Only Route Suggestion [April 25, 2024]

With the recent update a few new routes are now available for free riding to earn some XP bonus and badges, hooray!
However, I think with so many other routes out there already, leaving these as Event Only Routes, but adding Badges and Bonus XP could help build community events. After all, Zwift is all about the community.
Perhaps create new Badges and XP bonuses but leave these as event only. Club coordinators can then use these to entice folks to come ride with them and see what their club has to offer. Use them in Event Only monthly events or something fun/ unique. With the upcoming change in levels we will want new ways to earn XP, but some routes should remain “exclusive” in some regards.
My $0.02

Hi @Chris_Crush_MS, welcome to Forums. This is Juan from Zwift, I appreciate you share this valuable feedback.

These routes give events their own identity by offering new experiences on the road and encouraging members to join an event. However, the idea of unlocking badges and getting XP even if it’s just for event-only is a great. I will share your comments with the appropriate team for notes. Ride On!

@Juan_Lopes_Z thanks for passing along! With the upcoming XP level changes I think it makes a lot of sense to give folks more opportunities to earn XP. Bonus XP for routes makes a great carrot to chase as well as badge hunting.

Even with that as a carrot I still wouldn’t bother with the events because they are at times when I don’t want to ride, I don’t like the route or I dislike the event organiser (some are better than others).

The route badges are not that important to me.

If you applied this to only include new routes with 2000m elevation gain then it’s more interesting.

@Chris_D9 here’s the great thing…. You don’t have to partake. Its optional. You don’t like the route, don’t ride it. You don’t like leader, don’t join.
If your baseline is 2,000m of climbing I’m guessing you’re in the minority of general riders. But there are a handful of the fong

You like a challenge, that’s awesome.
I’m simply saying that the routes exist already. Add bonus xp/ route badges to those routes.
I’m all in favor of more routes. I have a few rebel routes on my mind as well. Give folks more ways to earn XP.

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Hi @Chris_Crush_MS This is Norman from Zwift! that’s an awesome way to look at it, and I personally agree that the more routes the better!

I’m sure many people will also agree! Well, except for the Zwifter I met some months ago who was on a quest to get every single Zwift badge. But I guess he will be up for the challenge!

We will take your thoughts into careful consideration.

Hi @Chris_D9 appreciate that insight from you! Zwift is for everyone so be assured that we will hear you out and do our best to find a balance and maximize the fun.

Thank you both for participating in the Forums!