Bug/Cheats: Route badge on late Join ride


Just found something that seem like should not happen (and that people harvesting easy experience will hate me for saying.

Accidently joined an almost finished ride ( Off the MAAP Stage 2, 2020/10/18, 18:28 PM EST). First, it shot me off the front with only 8km to go (I though late join was until half duration), then 8km later I got the FRANCE badge “Douce France”, which is usually 24?km.

Anyways, cheers, and not sorry people that secretly used this trick to harvest levels.
(P. S. : I did the full lap after the event finished, so keep me off the cheater’s radar ;))

Why would they hate you? You just told them how to do it! :smile:

If the exploit doesn’t actually siphon money from their coffers, Zwift isn’t going to be quick to respond to it. Meanwhile, publicizing the exploit gives people plenty of opportunities to take advantage of it, if they’re so inclined.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to garner experience without earning it. :wink:

This is just one of the many ways you can “cheat” in Zwift for XP.
If you create a meetup, you can skip the often long and hard lead-in on some routes, Luchter comes to mind.
And if you join another rider on top of a climb, you get free XP when decending.
I just can’t see the big difference between this and when Cameron Jeffers used a bot to get the Tron bike.
It all comes down to getting XP to level up.

Or, you could just do a Lutscher meetup and ride down. Maybe Lutscher meetups are just a cheat, no matter how you look at them! :wink: