Big Foot Hills broke

Rode Big Foot Hills yesterday. After completing Titan Grove reverse the zwift update [1.38] routed me in the wrong direction. After logging 87 KM I gave up on completing the ride. Obviously no badge or bonus XP’s. Very disappointed zwift doesn’t warn us when routes are broken. Also good luck reaching tech support!

This should be fixed on Wednesday.

Sorry you had a bad experience today.


Same here. It routed me through the dessert again instead of via the Volcano Kom. Is there any chance of getting the 1,340 exp based on the completed activity in my feed?

I’ve added the badge and XP to your account.

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I didn’t see the badge or XP in my account.

@James - You added the badge and XP to Pieter not to me. I reported BIG FOOT HILLS was broken. I also logged 87KM trying to complete that route.

Sorry, this isn’t my job. I pop in here occasionally and try to help.

I’ve added yours too.

which wednesday?

did the big foot hills earlier this week, after 60km and the titans grove reverse, i was directed to the left and back along the fuego flats, rather than to the right and the reverse KOM, i kept going for the distance, but no badge , very dissappointing

can i have the badge too, i was alo routed back along the flats , not over the kom reverse

This Wednesday. If you contact support (same for you @SteveK they may be able to award the badge.

Same bug here. Could you help me with the badge and XP ? Thanks !

Please read the post directly above yours.