Big Foot Hills - No achievement or XP


Today I did the Big Foot Hills in Watopia but didnt get the achievement or XP when crossing the finish Line. I even tried going a bit further but with no result.

Can anyone help fixing this?


Are you still on the 1.39 version? In that case Big Foot Hills (route) is broken since the 1.39 update. As of 1.40 it should be fixed.

Thank you for your input. And yes i just checked and I run the 1.39 version. I’m not sure how to update it. I tried to reinstall and it opened in 1.39 again. I thought updates came more or less automatically.

The update should there be within a few days. I also am waiting for the update as there are a few bugs messing up my riding experience the last few weeks now.

Okay lets hope so. Do you know if the achievement and XP will come by then? I rather not redo this map because of a bug.

Not automatically, you need to get in tough with Zwift support. Perhaps they can do that for you.

Please contact support Nick.