Big foot hills

Hi, last night i finished Big foot hills. How do i know/see that i completed that? As a matter of fact i rode 43miles instead of the 42 because i never saw a finish banner or anything like that. Im new at this so I’m not familiar with the program
Thank you

Hi @mitzy_flaig

Looking at your ride it does not look like you completed the route, It look like you made a U-turn going up the Zwift KOM.

See the route here.

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How is that possible i did not make any moves myself, i just followed where the program would take me
. So, let me ask you when the screen shows an option to go one way or another. Should i make the decsion myself? And how do i know which route to take?

There was something strange going on with your ride, I looked at your screenshot and you were flying on the bike.

If you want the route badge you should not make any manual turns. Zwift will navigate for you and keep you on the route.

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Oh ■■■■! That’s when my screen kicked me off because i guess i was on for so long, when i got my screen back again it did that. Darn, so how can i figure out next time if I’m still going on the right direction?
Also, will it show a finish line?
And where do i see/ confirm that the route was done?
Thank you for taking the time with me

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Big Foot Hills route should finish at the finish line of the Fuego Flats Sprint (if I remember correctly). Also you will see a large announcement banner on your screen in the moment the route has been completed, annoucing that you have achieved the respective route badge.

If you dont make turns or u-turns you will go in the right direction. Or if your pc does wierd stuff.

The first time you do the route you will get the badge.

You can see all your badges in game. Click menu - Badges:

Thank you so much, you were very helpful.
Have a nice day. Stay healthy

Thank you so much, that’s very helpful