Route Achievement

After completing the “Big Foot Hills” route I was not granted a badge for doing so. Any advice much appreciated

Hi T!

The most common reason for not getting badges since the route fixed went out is not going far enough due to lead-ins, some of which can be rather long, or because it was unlocked at an earlier date and the Zwifter forgot.

The total distance for Big Foot Hills, including Lead-In is 69.7KM, with each lap after that being 67.6KM. Did you clear the 69.7KM marker, or were you just shy of that? If you feel you met the distance, please email us at the support email,, so that we can look up and review your account to get a better understanding of what happened. Also attach a screenshot showing the blank space in your badges, which will help fast track any investigations!

Ride On!

I rode the big foot hills route today and didn’t get a badge either. Total distance of ride was over 70km and finish after passing through the rock arch Fuego flats foward spring finish. Is this the correct finishing point?

Hi @Ricky_N

Yes that is the correct finish point.

did you check that you don’t have the badge already?

Oops. Have already done it. Forgot to cross it off my list! When are we gonna be able to see route badge list before starting a ride? Through the zwift companion app?!

Just finish all the routes then you won’t need it… LOL :joy: :rofl:

It will be nice if it is indicated where you select the route.

I rode “Out and Back Again” route yesterday. The route is 39,9km and I rode 41,1km but not badge for it. After completing 39.9km I continued to 41.1 because I did not see any pop-up message saying that I had completed the route.

Then why did you stop?

The route starts and ends at the rock arch in the deserts. Usually the spawn point is before the pens, so the lead-in is about 2-3km.

OK thanks. I’m new on zwift. I thought 1,2 km more was enough and something was wrong. Next time I will continue to the led-in.

I went for the uber pretzel, all 128 kms. Ended doing 142 and no badge after 6 hours of riding. Support then say they can’t sort it out?! Don’t want to do another full fondo just due to a system issue. Any advice?

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You’ll have to redo it, they won’t give you credit due to “system limitations” or some jargon.

I also had the same issue yesterday! I even contacted customer support, as there is no way I want to be doing it again!

Hi I did the Uber Pretzel yesterday 5 Sept and again today 6 Sept. Both times no badge. Can support please reinstate? This is after the latest update.